“Now the judiciary intervenes”. Crossfire on the Azzolina


It must be a kind of special gift, to be able to dissatisfy all parties. It is not easy. But the Ministry of Education, now led by the grill Lucia Azzolina, has also succeeded in this mythical art of going against everyone. The theme is that of the competition for DSGA in Italian schools, or the Directors of General and Administrative Services, a central role in the functioning of the school machine. Clouds over the concorsone that promise storm over the minister. First the protests of the competitors for the “anomalous” mass rejection in Lombardy, where only 15% of the candidates were admitted to the last oral test (read here). Then the shadows on alleged tracks bought and anticipated to some candidates (read here). And now the complaints of the acting DSGAs, or those people who have been playing the role for years despite being administrative assistants lent to the cause.

As told by Giornale.it, two sides were created in the margins of the competition. On the one hand i concorsistion the other the acting ones. The former accuse the latter of “subterfuges”, “illegitimate claims” and of putting “pressure” on politics to obtain the place with a reserved call, even if not graduates. The latter claim instead the “professionalism” born in many years of trade, beyond the title possessed. However, both agree on the very impeccable management of the Miur. And there are also those who ask that “the judiciary intervene and express itself”.

What is certain is that in September, despite the competition will reach the final stages, a large part of the DSGA seats in Italy will remain vacant. The math says it. The competition included 2,004 hires, plus another 601 extra contracts reserved for those who are already employees of the ministry. Except that in Lombardy there are more places than suitable. And then in total they need more or less 3,500. So about 8-900 schools could stay on foot. How to do? The hypothesis is that you still turn to the acting staff with annual contracts, then we’ll see. Except that they threaten not to accept the assignment, at least those who are not legally obliged to do so. Also because, they say, the role often guarantees a salary (about 1,450) lower than what they would earn with career progression from “simple” administrative assistants. And so you risk paralysis.

“Many of us share the same fate as the competition – tells us a acting, whom we will call Michele – many of us, graduates and with service, have been quashed in Lombardy. It is clear that we hope, in full respect of the authoritativeness and the third party nature of the commission, that light will emerge soon, especially in the face of the allegations already reported in your article of buying and selling the tracks “. But there are not to be designed as the “reason” of the cleaver of failures. “Politics have been using functionaries for 20 years. If they are unsuitable, does that mean that the school has been poorly managed all this time? ”. The fact is that both Minister Busetti (April 2019) and Fioramonti (October 2019) had signed agreements with the unions to launch a competition reserved for acting officers, including those who have been playing the role for many years but do not have a degree. For now nothing has been done. Hence the irritation. “Minister Azzolina, when she was still a champion of insecure – says Michele – in a public meeting he said: ‘What is that entrepreneur who trains his staff, maybe even trains him well, and after, although he still needs them, he fires him, in spite of any concept of continuity?’ ” . Question that now turns against her. The reserved competition, claiming the functionaries, would be “the only way that allows not to disperse a precious experience, gained on the field and in the full performance of the service”. Because “the path, sometimes twenty years long, is worth more than the single test”. “What we ask – concludes Michele – is exclusively a serious competition, but not a generalist, based on qualifications and exams, which aims to correctly measure the right to hire “. The lawsuit continues.

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