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Coronavirus has dismantled trust in the European Union. In particular, however, there are two countries that most of all made Italy indignant and it is France and Germany. This was revealed by the survey carried out by the Cattaneo Institute for La Stampa. Here, respondents were asked to indicate up to a maximum of 3 countries which they believe are “enemies” on the economic and diplomatic level. In early April, 45 percent of respondents placed Germany in this category, 38 in France. In late May, 42 and 31 percent did so, respectively. Obviously the most suspicious voters close to the center-right, but what stands out most is the change of course of the 5 Star Movement. That’s right, because if at the beginning of April, 62 percent of pentastellated voters considered both Germany and France hostile, with a high percentage of distrust, over time this figure has faded and passed respectively to 48 and to 28 percent. This is a reason that gives Giuseppe Conte good hope that he finds himself having to face the quibble-Mes, where on one hand there is the Democratic Party (in agreement with the EU measure), on the other the M5s clearly contrary, perhaps.

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