Now Conte no longer wants to do it alone, but is short-circuited on the recovery plan


Giuseppe Conte no longer dances alone, proves it is the coming and going of ministers called to Palazzo Chigi to work on the agenda of the General States of the Economy. An event that the Democratic Party and Italia Viva, after having bitterly contested it, want in the name of collegiality and no longer built alone by the head of government. The organization of the event, designed by Conte to relaunch the Giallorossi team, marked by meetings and preparatory summits and complicated by the handing over by Vittorio Colao of the plan for the revitalization of Italy. A list of 102 proposals which, paradoxically, have garnered many applause on the right and many criticisms on the left and in the majority parties. So much so that at Palazzo Chigi last night they were still wondering if it is appropriate to invite Colao to the General States, with the risk that the manager will overshadow the premier and that his work will be mistaken for the official agenda of the event.

In Conte’s rooms it is spoken of as a good plan, serious work that must be taken as a basis and certainly not as cast gold. Understandable, since it baskets the Dignit decree so dear to Di Maio and suggests tax amnesties, unacceptable for the M5S as for the left. In short, the document of the task force is likely to turn out to be a boomerang for the Prime Minister, who has commissioned the work and is now having to politely distance himself. In the Council of Ministers, the Apulian professor asked each member of the team to contribute to the reflection, in the form of a dossier with the priorities of the dicastery. And so yesterday it was the turn of bilateral meetings with Amendola, Provenzano, Dadone, Manfredi, Di Maio and Franceschini, who last Friday had blatantly challenged the premier for having announced the appointment on the economy without having shared it with the parties. After the clarification with the head of the delegation of the Democratic Party, today Conte will see Gualtieri and will have to dispel other shadows and other suspicions, given the note with which Palazzo Chigi has denied the rumors of yet another clash: There is no friction with the Minister of Economy , n with the structure of the ministry.

Sar, but the tone with which Nicola Zingaretti returned to spur the premier and the entire government team is striking asking not to be lazy, but concrete, useful and forward-looking. According to the secretary of the Democratic Party, the billions of Europe must be spent well, for digital and infrastructure, to cut red tape and make reforms. a historic occasion and perhaps Zingaretti fears that the government may waste it: We must listen to society and the opposition. Silvio Berlusconi ready, on Rai3 in Carta Bianca he said that the center-right should participate: I will talk about it with our allies. Yet the invitation to the leaders of the opposition has not yet been sent and the explanation of Palazzo Chigi that Conte wants to share the choices, not to be accused of other leaps forward. In the next few hours the premier will see the majority of the group leaders and on Friday the works will start in the magnificent Casino del Bel Respiro of Villa Pamphilj. On video Ursula von der Leyen and David Sassoli will appear on video, Confindustria top management on Sunday and the social partners will touch on Monday. And the single brilliant minds that Conte mentioned? If Mario Draghi has declined the invitation, it seems that the archistars Massimiliano Fukas and Renzo Piano will appear. As for Colao, the Minister of 5 Stars Federico D’Inc tries to get by like this: I do not have his agenda in hand, if he comes he will be welcome.

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