Novak Djokovic positive for coronavirus: the announcement of the Serbian champion


With Djokovic, asymptomatic, the test was also positive wife Jelenawhile I am negative children by Nole. What we have done in recent months – reads the statement released by the Serbian staff – we have done with the purest and most sincere intentions. Our tournament wanted to convey a message of solidarity, and to help tennis players from southeastern Europe to resume activity after the spread of Covid. We organized the tournament with the goal of raising funds, believing that the virus had diminished and that the conditions for playing it were there. But unfortunately the virus is still among us, and a reality we have to get used to. I am extremely sorry for all cases, I hope I have not complicated anyone’s health and that you can all be well. I will remain in self-isolation for 14 days and repeat the test in five.

The storm on the Adria Tour had already started well before Grigor Dimitrov’s positivity: full stands, zero distancing, collateral activities, selfie with the fans, disco nights. After the social attacks by Nick Kyrgios, on the columns of the Times Andy Murray’s words had also arrived: I have always had a good relationship with Nole, but what has happened in these days has not given a good image of tennis. It is important that world-class athletes show that they are taking what is happening very seriously, respecting measures of social distancing. If everyone does what they want, tennis will struggle to start again.

The risk is to have reignited, with the tournament, an outbreak between Belgrade, Serbia, home of the first stop, and Zadar, Croatia, where it was played until Saturday, when Dimitrov retired in suspicion of tiredness, returning to Montecarlo to do the swab, passing through a series of events open to the public and packed with children, attracted by the possibility of meeting the champions, stadiums full and even a disco party.

One wonders how many cases will arise from the senseless gatherings of football and tennis, while iWorld No. 3 Dominic Thiem, No. 7 Alexander Zverev, Russian Andrei Rublev and Croatian Marin Cilic announce negative tests in tweets all the same of profound contrition (Sorry to have jeopardized the health of others, we start 14 days of voluntary quarantine), crocodile tears who should have moved with more awareness of the danger.

The party of those who would like the Serbian to step down from the role of union leader grows. 600 tennis players will enter the bubble at the end of August Open USA behind closed doors (burst test, armored hotels): difficult to count on common sense, as the Adria Tour sadly teaches.

June 23, 2020 (change June 23, 2020 | 2:41 pm)


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