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Many wonder about the future of Alfa Romeo waiting for official news that for the moment are not arriving. This is because the fate of the biscione on a par with that of the other brands of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles it depends on the merger with the French group PSA. Only after this merger is over will it be possible to start talking about what will happen to the brand ranges of the two groups that will join together giving rise to the fourth most important automotive manufacturer in the world.

In addition to SUVs, the future Alfa Romeo range could be enriched with other models

At the time of Alfa Romeo it is known that in the coming years the range will consist of a single sedan, Giulia and 3 SUVs: Stelvio, Tonale and the electric B-SUV which will presumably be unveiled in 2022. Alfa Romeo Giulietta and 4C they will retire. However, the situation in the coming years could radically change in the Biscione house.

In fact, it seems unlikely that a brand with the history and tradition of Alfa Romeo could limit its range to only SUV. At the moment the most probable hypotheses are that a new version of Juliet which, however, could also have a different name. It would be a compact sedan with an extremely aggressive character that will arrive on the market only in an electric or otherwise electrified version.

We also cannot rule out the return to the market of an Alfa Romeo sports car that can take the place of the 4C. This model could be a sort of version of the Biscione of the future Maserati MC20. However, his arrival would not take place before 2024. Finally, the arrival of a flagship cannot be ruled out as a sort of elongated version of Giulia to conquer markets such as China and the United States.

obviously FCA intends to exploit the technologies and platforms of PSA and therefore we cannot exclude the arrival of other models for the moment never hypothesized. We will already have some more information on this from next year. So all that remains is to wait.

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