North Korea, Kim and the “rule of 21” for her appearances


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BEIJING – Here we go again. Kim Jong-un not appeared in public for 21 days. Respected North Korean Marshal had kept us anxious for exactly three weeks in April, before going to the inauguration ceremony of a chemical plant on May 1, with his sister who handed him the scissors for cutting the ribbon. It had been taken for very sick or perhaps dead. It was just a little heavier and stiffer in the movements than usual.

After the apparition, dark around him again. Three more weeks of absence; reappearance on May 24.

Again hidden from the northern masses until June 8, when he was reported to lead a crucial meeting of the Central Committee Political Bureau.

Lights on at almost perfect cadence: about 21 days.

NK News, a site specializing in Korean analysis, counted only 7 appearances from early April to late June (91 days). A dramatic drop compared to the years 2012 to 2019, when Kim came out of his golden bunker on average 46 times.

Dividing 91 days by 7 results in 13. Almost the mandatory quarantine period for those who may have come into contact with possible coronavirus infections. In China, one is added to the two weeks of isolation, as a precaution.

Is it possible that Kim wants to stay away from her fellow citizens as a precaution? Or did he lazy? Or maybe he is studying new strategies? Or do you just want to be noticed for the absence?

The graph developed by NK News

June 30, 2020 (change June 30, 2020 | 08:16)


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