Non-refundable contributions for businesses and professionals


The relaunch decree provided for grants to companies and professionals and agricultural businesses. However, clarifications on the limits of access to the benefit have not yet been introduced on the category of professionals. Despite this, it will be starting from Monday 15 June that the question. However, when and how to do it, there are differences according to the type of applicant.

How to submit the application

The application for obtaining grants from businesses and professionals can be submitted between June 15 and August 13. However, if the applicant is a heir to a deceased person, the terms range from 25 June to 24 August. In the latter case, in the application the box “Heir who continues the activity of the deceased” must be crossed, indicating the tax code of the latter and his own. As for how to send the application, it is possible to take different paths. One of the telematic channels of the Inland Revenue or the web service of the “Invoices and Fees” agency can be used. Furthermore, it can also be sent through an intermediary, who must self-declare that he has received the proxy from the applicant.

However, if the contribution to which you want to have access exceeds 150 thousand euros, you must attach a series of declarations pursuant to the anti-mafia legislation. In this case, the application must be sent in pdf format with the digital signature of the applicant only to the pec address “[email protected]”. In addition, one of these situations must be self-certified: – registration in the lists of suppliers, service providers and performers of works not subject to attempted infiltration; – the absence of impediments determined by law. Failure to send the self-certification makes you lose the right to benefit. However, within the deadline for submission, it will be possible to modify the application or withdraw. Once the application has been submitted, the Revenue Agency issues a receipt. This confirms receipt or rejection of the application.

After seven days, a second is released receipt in which it certifies that the request has been accepted or refused, explaining the reason. The receipt can be found in the “Invoices and fees” section of the personal area of ​​the Revenue Agency website. If the application is accepted, the applicant will receive the contribution on the current account indicated therein.

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