‘No to conjurers’, relegation blocking controversy – Sport


Two weeks after the Turin-Parma recovery, which should mark the restart of Serie A, unless there are new surprises, the tension rises in view of the Federal Council next Monday, which will have to define delicate outstanding issues. The Lega A assembly, which yesterday voted with 16 yes and four abstentions, for the non-assignment of the Scudetto and the blocking of retrocessions in case of early stop, has stirred the waters and raised the level of controversy.
The will expressed by the League of A will clash with the numbers in the federal council on Monday. Perhaps also for this reason the other leagues did not respond to the explicit trip with an open declaration of war. But to give voice to the surprise and anger of the other series is Oreste Vigorito, president of Benevento, leaders of the cadet series with +20 on the second and the promotion actually ‘frozen’: he is among the first to thunder against a possible change of format, opposing a clear ‘no’ to the prestige games and the proposal of the major clubs risks finding an insurmountable wall between the other leagues and the components.
“We have not joined a system of conjurers, in which hypotheses and theses appear and disappear suddenly,” says Vigorito, who with his team in the lead with 20 points ahead of the second has a guaranteed promotion. “Now we just have to wait and find out if there was the trick: I will be happy with the promotion, otherwise I will meditate on the consequences”. To surprise him was the resolution of the Major League, which changes all scenarios. “The Federal Council will have to make a ruling of competence and common sense – urges Vigorito – to arrive at conclusions on a championship that suddenly changes format seven days later since the restart was established. The algorithm would be valid only for those who celebrate Europe while those who are supposed to take the funeral remove it? “he asks. A relegation freeze would have cascading consequences on both the B and C series, with almost unmanageable numbers of participants.
Inevitable would then be the following of appeals, already announced by 31 Serie D clubs that refuse the relegation to the table decided by the NLD with the stop to the championship and which should be ratified by the Federal Council.
If the desire to avoid relegations in the event of an early end of the championship emerged from League A, the top league clubs do not have the numbers to pass the principle in the federal council. At the moment, the Figc way for plan B provides for the use of play offs and play outs only in the event of impediment to the restart, and an appeal to the algorithm if the championship resumed if we stopped without the possibility of starting again. If, on the other hand, a stop occurs shortly, and with enough time ahead, then urgent advice should be reconvened and the situation assessed at the moment. The conviction of many, not only within the world of football, is that between now and June 20 the rules for the quarantine of a possible positive could be different.
Meanwhile, Rocco Commisso reveals: “Iachini also had the coronavirus, I didn’t know it”, and then he thinks about the recovery. “No jokes, we have to stay in A and then think about the relaunch”: how to say, on the field you go to play the final verdicts seriously.
The Federal Council on Monday will also have to look into another issue, that of player contracts. The federal president, Gabriele Gravina, has the norm ready which will lead to lengthening them until August 31st. Here too, there will be discussion.


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