No, the elephant story did not go as they told


The history of theelephant pregnant died in a river in Kerala, South India, after ingesting a pineapple stuffed with firecrackers that exploded in his mouth, condemning him to starve, along with the puppy he was carrying. Well, this story, as it was told at first, could be fake news.

According to what noted by, a fact checking portal, discrepancies emerge between the narration offered by the media from all over the world and the possible real development of the facts. As the Indian website reported The Quin, the Mannarkkad forest division explained that, to date, there is no one confirmation that the animal has consumed a pineapple.

Local people, in fact, could not have fed a fruit laden with firecrackers to a wild elephant inside the forest. It would have been simply very dangerous. However, the hypothesis cannot be excluded a priori, given that the authors of the gesture may have been some breeders living on the edge of the same forest where the incident occurred. In any case, harming any animal, for any reason, is strongly condemned.

Investigations in progress

To clarify, the Kerala authorities have appointed three teams to carry out the investigations. The police are also currently investigating the matter.

The site Dna India He further claims that no evidence was found in the elephant’s postmortem report that the animal would be given a pineapple full of firecrackers to eat. The little animal did indeed have a problem with mouth but, at the moment, there is no evidence to confirm how and when the accident occurred.

The cited document reports that the elephant suffered mouth injury and was unable to to eat For days, said Surendrakumar, Kerala’s chief wildlife guardian. “There is still no evidence that anyone deliberately gave the elephant a pineapple-laden firecracker, but we are investigating“, has explained.

But a man has already been arrested for his alleged involvement in the killing and others have been questioned, Forest Minister K Raju announced.

The elephant, found injured on May 25, two days before his death, had moved away to a village in the Palakkad district last month from an adjacent national park. Finally, it must be remembered that explosives mixed with some edible substances they are often used by the inhabitants of the area to protect their crops from wild boars and other animals.

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