No “official” greeting for the last day of primary, children and parents …


End of year photos, but also a (peaceful and silent) protest for not being able to go back to school for even one day, the last day of school.

They are the guys from primary fifth from the Provolo primary school, in the city.

Nothing “official” greetings after five years together, therefore, despite the requests.

The parents complained that the comprehensive institution “completely ignored the requests of families and teachers, limiting themselves to a cold refusal of a small initiative that could have been carried out, for example in an open place only between teachers and pupils. Last but not least, we believe that the School – in the figure of its leaders – had the duty to make its closeness felt to the young citizens who are growing in its arms, if not with the authorization of the initiative at this controversial moment, at least with two lines of farewell. Task left exclusively to the teachers, who for their part have always been close to these children, truly abandoned by the institutions ».

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