No longer just Fisco. Specialized accountants are born


The accountant of the future? Specialized. But with an accreditation recognized by the National Board of Accountants. the project conceived by the national advisers of the accountants Achille Coppola (Secretary) and Giuseppe Laurino has finally become reality, which foresees the recognition of a specialization for professionals who have acquired particular and specific knowledge in a particular sector.

The four clusters

Four clusters have been identified for as many specializations: Maritime (Shipbuilding and pleasure boating, Shipping, Infrastructure and Logistics Networks, Tourist port); Made in Italy (Mechanics-Automotive, Fashion and accessories, Agri-food and Agro-industry, Culture-Tourism-Sport, Furniture and design); Service Economy (Health, Finance, Commerce, Service networks); Construction and Environment (Construction, Environment, Urban and public green furniture, Utilities, Integrated water cycle, Waste cycle). We have already received applications from colleagues who would like to become part of the accreditation lists – explains Achille Coppola – the diversification of skills by sectors, the key to the future of our profession. Accountants manage 83% of tax returns but above all 67% of the Italian SMEs consider the accountant as the first business consultant. Knowing who of them has a special sectorial competence will help to better select the market and enhance those who will be able to evolve in consultancy.

The requirements

But how can you demonstrate competence in a specific sector? How do you have the right to be registered in the special lists recognized by the National Council? The accountants – explains Giuseppe laurino – will have to demonstrate experience gained for at least three years in activities related to the chosen business clusters, with at least two professional positions (statutory auditing or board of statutory auditors, administration, specialist advice to companies and / or entities operating in their respective clusters, etc.) can express their interest in being included in the accreditation lists for mapping expert accountants. Lastly, the plan provides for the creation of a common platform that will allow the use of specialist e-learning training courses for each cluster, a series of events in the territories that will be awarded to the most active Orders, and a national convention with the involvement of the main stakeholders of the various business clusters through collaboration agreements, partnerships and sponsorships.

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