“No documents of his in the country’s revival plan” – Libero Quotidiano


“The country’s revival plan” no longer passes through the task force of Vittorio Colao. The premier decided it With you. Palazzo Chigi, in fact, has made it known that “there will be no Colao documents behind the recovery plan”. But reduce the contribution of the experts put together precisely to draw the Phase 3 a little more than a academic contribution understandably it risks irritating the group put together by Colao who should be on the weekend deliver his work after the last refinements of last night. This is revealed by the Messenger.

A sort of chronoprogram from here to 2022 that Colao himself has had the opportunity to build working hard even with the technicians of the MEF, of Palazzo Chigi and of Economic Development. The goal is to transform the costs of the crisis into opportunities and therefore into investments to modernize the country and make it more efficient. But the scaling of the contribution it risks further breaking the already non-idyllic relationship between the group of experts and Palazzo Chigi. In the most acute phases of the pandemic, the use of experts took place with low hands, also causing some grumbling in the majority. The Technical-scientific committee would have liked a much more gradual reopening of the country. But the feeling between Conte and Colao has never blossomed,

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