No Colao plan (and no government) will determine our future


No politician has ever planned progress with general or corporal states. The “new development model” resurrected by Walter Veltroni always comes by chance: in the last 40 years thanks to the inventions of Bill Gates (Microsoft), Steve Jobs (Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) or Jeff Bezos (Amazon).

Remember Altavista, Yahoo, Blackberry, Nokia? They were at the forefront of the vanguard, then spontaneously were buried by Google and Samsung. Without government interference.

No minister of music has ever decided to go from 78 rpm to 33 and 45, from jealous recorders to cassettes, from CD players to CDs, from walkman to ipod, from flash drives to spotify.

No undersecretary of cinema and TV has ever scheduled betamax and vhs, dvd and blu-ray, flat and curved screens, satellites and pay, streaming and ondemand.

No minor grill hierarch will ever imagine how our children will film our grandchildren in five years, after we had to pour our fathers’ superottoes into VHS because the projectors had ended up in the attic, and then digitize them on DVD; and now even the DVDs are out of date.

No Colao task force can ever order trucks, planes and ships to abandon diesel and kerosene pollutants for electricity, sun and wind. At best, if we want “sustainability”, we will remove the billions that we give to trucks as an excise tax refund for the folly of transporting 10 cents per liter of mineral water from the Marche to Sardinia and from Valtellina to Syracuse. So maybe the zero kilometer will become cheaper than the thousand km.

No neostatalist Mariana Mazzucato can ever force us to use bikes instead of cars, and scooters instead of bikes.

No Malpensa airport carefully designed by governments and cost billions will ever compete with Orio al Serio, which has become the third Italian airport for free, without any bureaucrat inserting it into a five-year plan.

The first to become obsolete are the rulers who convene grandiose and final conferences to “draw the future”. Because our future is not their property. So we will choose whether it will be green or gray, if the ecological footprint will lighten, if the decrease will be happy, if the return in emissions of twenty years ago will be sweet. And when buses and trains become less risky for the virus and more for the environment, we will fill them up again.

We will do something every day that cannot be calculated by those who want to tell us what we want. Because we don’t trust the government, no government. And there is no need to be libertarians or anarchists to accept the invitation of the green philosopher Wendell Berry: “When you see that the politicians can predict the movements of your thinking, abandon it.”

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