Nissan 400Z, will it be the new Japanese sports car?


It was there star of the recent teaser video published on the occasion of the presentation of the business plan and, although its official name is not yet known, it is one of the models of the moment. For now it is known as the Nissan 400Z and is in fact the heir of the 370Z, the sports coupe of the Japanese company now ready – after a ten-year career – for retirement.

Certainly not a mass model, but a healthy carrier of a sporty DNA born with the Datsun 240Z and continued with numerous models over the decades. And in a few months the new chapter will be staged.

Precious clues

And so here we wanted to try to imagine what the Nissan 400Z will look like (the name is yet to be confirmed) with our render, starting naturally from what we saw in the teaser video of a few days ago, in which the Japanese coupe showed some style details. A style that seems to be very different from that of the 370Z, with a general appearance more streamlined and elegant.

The changes start from the rounded front lights, in stark contrast to the elongated ones of the current version, and the much more generous grid. Even the hood seems to have taken more space, with an increased length to make room for – at least so you think – 3-liter V6 biturbo borrowed from the Infiniti Q60. An engine that should deliver 400 HP in its basic version, to reach 480 in the version retouched by the Nismo department.

Call back to the past

The roof will remain the typical one of a coupe, gently descending towards the rear, where there should be elements taken from models of the past such as the Datsun 240Z and 260Z. Other noteworthy elements that we have reported in our render are the redesigned Z and Nissan logos, with the letter strongly inspired by the Datsun coupe. A reference to the origins and a sort of tribute to a brand reborn in 2013 at the behest of Ghosn and recently closed for cost containment reasons.

2021 Nissan 400Z Rendering
2010 Nissan 370Z Coupe: $ 10,180

As for the arrival of the Nissan 400Z, it will probably be necessary to wait at least for the end of 2020 or even the first months of 2021. However, there is bad news for fans: to maximize revenues, in fact, the heir of the 370Z will be marketed only in some markets and more it is certainly not his arrival in Europto.

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