Nirvana, Novoselic on the run from social media after the pro Trump phrases


Nirvana, Novoselic on the run from social media after the pro Trump phrases

The Nirvana bassist attacked after his praise for Trump’s speech after the George Floyd case

Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic has left social media after his posts in support of the statements made by the President of the United States Donald Trump about the protests which are affecting the whole country following the death of George Floyd. The comments given by the member of the web historic rock band have been badly welcomed by the online community which has strongly criticized Novoselic to the point of forcing him to ‘virtual escape‘.

Trump’s sentences

The episode he made detonate the United States already worn out and tense forhealth emergency caused by Covid-19 is known, themurder of George Floyd, black man brutally killed by a policeman a Minneapolis which once again put the racial rift and hatred on the American continent in the spotlight in 2020. Yet another case of power abuse it had the effect of lighting the fuse in a tired and proven population causing protests in all the resulting cities clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement. The President of the United States of America, one who has always had at least doubtful positions on the matter – as on all the rest, we remember the proposal to inject disinfectant to defeat the coronavirus, remaining in close relevance – was ‘rescued’ in a underground bunker while the people protested in front of the White House and, once he returned to the sunlight, he thought it best to say first that he would send the army in the streets to face its own citizens at the cry of ‘law & order‘.

Novoselic’s Comments

This stance of the POTUS he outraged practically everyone except, apparently, Krist Novoselic who wanted to emphasize how aware he was of being in the minority but at the same time Trump was to be commended for his direct and straight speech to the point: “I know how many of you can’t stand it – said the Nirvana bassist who has been involved in politics since childhood – but Trump made a big hit with that speech. ORggi I drove from Wahkiakum to Seattle and back and I saw many inhabitants of Washington in the street and no sign of violence, although a Tesla gas station was closed by police. While driving I saw many people already tried by Covid and now social and television show in loop the images of a social collapse. I agree that the President should not have recourse to the army – and perhaps he could not have done so legally – but the tone of his speech was strong and direct. I looked at the media images thinking how polarized this country is. Even wearing a mask in public can become one political statement. The protest (and not violence) seems to be ainsurrection of left. Imagine if the so-called patriotic militias had set up this hell? In that case the people on the left would have asked for the iFederal intervention. Most Americans want peace in the community and President Trump has spoken out about this. Don’t think about the legal details that few understand, Trump said it would stop the violence and this is a message that reaches many people. ”

Farewell to social media

The response to Novoselic’s words came just as loud and direct from the people of the web who criticized him heavily. The musician initially sent everything back to the sender claiming that those are personal opinions and that his account is not in favor of a party but only an amplifier of his thoughts.

ThereShitstorm‘towards Novoselic, however, has not subsided e. between a #blacklivesmatter and the other. the was mate of Kurt Cobain expressed all his grief at the situation that had arisen: “I feel really hurt. Why do you like destroying people for their public comments? I am a public figure, I know, but I can have different criteria than yours. Don’t be surprised if I disappear forever, the words of hate can be really harmful . ”

Harmful enough to push ex-Nirvana not to make its thoughts more public, cancel your Twitter account and make it private that of Facebook:“This is my last post – wrote Novoselic before his farewell to the network – thanks to all the people who have followed me for years, including those who think it’s a fake. My closest friends and closest followers know where find me and have my phone number. A hug. ”

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