Nintendo has renewed the GBA, Wii U, WaveBird, Mii, Paper Mario and Excite Truck brands –


Nintendo in these weeks of great confusion and agitation it is very silent. For this reason we are very careful with every move, so as to try to understand what is boiling in the pot. It recently emerged that the large N has renewed several brand names within its catalog, as for example GBA, Wii U, WaveBird, Mii, Paper Mario and Excite Truck: simple wheel operations?

For example, on May 12 Nintendo has renewed the brand of Paper Mario, but this is an operation linked to the release of Paper Mario: The Origami King, scheduled for July 17. The appearance of Excite Truck, a 2006 old racing game for Wii, is decidedly more curious. Also from that period i return Mii, the nice characters who have made us avatars for several generations of Nintendo consoles.

Speaking of consoles, Nintendo has also re-registered the brand Game Boy Advance, its 2001 portable console, WaveBird, GameCube’s excellent wireless controller, and Wii U, the failed console that preceded Switch on the shelves.

All these brands have been sign in under the category toys or machines and equipment. In January, Nintendo registered 39 other brands including Eternal Darkness, Skyward Sword and Wario Ware. Will any of these names be pulled out of the big N cylinder again?

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