night of robberies and assaults


Damages are counted after the party. The euphoria of the Italian victory in the Italian Cup, which caused tens of thousands of fans to pour onto the streets, not only did skip overnight anti-Covid rules still in effect, but also produced robberies, snatches, an injured person and the devastation of some symbolic places of the city such as Trieste and Trento square and Vanvitelli square. The virus and joy, the infinite Neapolitan revenge against Juve and social distancing, the desire to celebrate the Cup and the end of the months of forced enclosure:The triumph of Gattuso’s team brought together all these conflicting factors. Result: a night of madness and traffic jams. More vandalism, gunshots, verbal and non-verbal attacks. The border between the party and the incivility has been more blurred than usual.

Everywhere traffic jams, trumpets, flags, horns. Hundreds of scooters running with three or more passengers strictly without a helmet. Firecrackers on the waterfront, smoke bombs at the station, fireworks. Quite the opposite of what is happening at the Olimpico during the team’s solitary award ceremony. In Piazza Garibaldi, hundreds of fans waving flags and blocking the passage of cars, forced to “climb over” the road divider to find other ways. As if that were not enough, violent verbal attacks against reporters started.

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In short, the sense of responsibility shown by Naples during the lockdown yesterday ran into its counterpoint. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of people who took advantage of the party to turn it into crime. In a video posted on Tik Tok by a citizen in via Santi Giovanni e Paolo, close to Piazza Carlo III, we see a group of individuals chasing a young man on a scooter, throwing him on the ground, pointing a gun at his temple and stealing him the scooter. «I was really very afraid – said Salvatore, the 23 year old food rider victim of the robbery, yesterday Gianni Simioli de “La Radiazza” – When they pointed the gun at my head I didn’t think for a moment to give him the scooter, which I bought from me with the money I earned and that I needed to go to work ». Then shoot Frattamaggiore. “There have been numerous unrest, madness and delirium – say Simioli and the regional councilor Francesco Borrelli – We have mobilized so that Salvatore can receive a new scooter soon. We wished there were more checks after the game just to avoid scenes like this. What sense does it make to play behind closed doors if you are then allowed to give life to similar episodes? ». In the same hours of the robbery, a man was shot in the leg by a stray bullet in Vico Mattonelle, not far from the delirium of Piazza Garibaldi.

There were more than 5000 in Trieste and Trento square, and unfortunately not only to sing. ABC workers, municipal police and local merchants who counted yesterday morning know something about it the damage suffered by the Fontana del Carciofo, stormed at night. Diving, climbing, hugging, vandalized and broken railing on both sides. “The fountain was a garbage dump of trumpets, smoke bombs, flags, a pant and a shoe – sighed Taddeo Ferrara and Pasquale Borraggine of the ABC, veterans of the cleaning intervention – The leaves of the Artichoke seem a little folded, we will check”. On the base of the fountain, a few centimeters from the destroyed railing, you can see the sign of a blue smoke bomb. “The technical offices will check for any other damage,” explain the local police. «I see a new break in the tank, but I’m not a technician and I hope I’m wrong – he comments Antonio Sergio, owner of the Gambrinus – The care of the flower bed is now entrusted to Caffè Moreno, which spends about 2000 euros per year. As a Neapolitan I feel indignant at what happened “. “In the Artichoke there was a delusion – adds the bartender Gianni Taglialatela – 80 people together”. “Let the contagion never be recovered,” he says Mario Aiello – Maybe it would have happened in Turin too ». Who knows. Fortunately or unfortunately, we will never know.

The flower beds in Piazza Vanvitelli are devastated. “The central flowerbed, the first one entrusted to private individuals and curated by the Il Chioschetto company – he comments Gennaro New Year of the Hill Values ​​Committee – one of the few salvages from the deterioration in the area, has been the subject of serious vandalism during the celebrations for the Italian Cup. Destroyed lawn and flowers, tampered with the irrigation system. Unacceptable. The square is under video surveillance. Once the investigation is opened following the complaint filed by the contractor, the authorities will be responsible for identifying the authors who will also have to compensate the damages “.
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