Night of madness in Naples, gunfire to celebrate, man hit by bullet in the leg


A night of ordinary madness that just spent in Naples to celebrate the victory of the Italian Cup on Juventus: thousands of people on the street, fireworks, supporters soaking in the Fontana del Carciofo in the central Piazza Trieste and Trento. Scenes that would have wrenched a smile if there hadn’t been a pandemic going on. Taking advantage of the general madness that pervaded the Campania capital last night, there were also blood events: in vico Mattonelle, in the area of ​​via Carbonara, in the immediate vicinity of the Central Station, a man was wounded by a pistol shot from one leg; rescued by the 118 health workers, the man was transported to the emergency room of the Pellegrini hospital, where the doctors found a gunshot wound that was deemed curable in 30 days. The dynamics of what happened have yet to be clarified: a stray bullet reached the man in the leg, exploded during the celebrations, as often sadly happens in the city even on New Year’s Eve. The State Police, arrived on the scene of the injury, found two shells and is now investigating to shed light on the story.

This morning, then, a video circulating on social networks that would have been shot last night in Naples, in the Sanità area, the same neighborhood in which the man was injured. In the video you can clearly hear the celebrations in the distance: fireworks, trumpets, car horns, screams and cackles. The pictures show some people, with their faces distorted, stop a scooter on the street and, after putting a gun in the driver’s face, take the two-wheeled vehicle away. The story is instead under consideration by the carabinieri.

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