Nigerian youths lured and tricked into prostitution through vodoo rites


The “Promise Land” operation of the Catania mobile team led to the arrest of ten people whom the investigators believe are part of a gang specializing in the trafficking of young Nigerians, to be sent to prostitution in the European “market”. Those arrested are accused in various capacities of “criminal association aimed at trafficking in persons and in favoring illegal immigration, trafficking in persons, aiding in illegal immigration and exploitation of prostitution”. Three of them were arrested in Messina, the point where the young women started to meral, tied to their torturers through esoteric rites and thanks to their interest in the practices for the regularization of their position in the national territory. The 14 subjects involved (4 are unavailable) were also criticized for aggravating the transnationality of the crime, for having acted through a threat implemented through the implementation of voodoo practices, taking advantage of the situation of need of the victims, sometimes minors and in one case even pregnant .

The details of the survey – Video

Esoteric rites for young victims

The women were stolen from their families of origin with the prospect of being able to carry out a lawful employment and arrived in Italy by sea on boats occupied by many migrants. The investigations started following statements made by a young Nigerian woman who arrived in Sicily in April 2017, with 433 other migrants of various nationalities, aboard the “Aquarius” motor ship of the “S.O.S. Mediterranée “, landed in Catania. During the reception phases of the migrants, a team of investigators from the Foreign Crime Section identified the girl who claimed to have left her country because she was convinced by a compatriot named “Osas”, who had proposed to join him in Italy, promising her lawful work and anticipating travel expenses. Several details of the recruitment phase in Nigeria emerged from the story of the young woman. From the indication of the “Ju-Ju man”, or the sorcerer who had officiated the rite, to the oath procedure and the submission to the Ju-Ju rite, under the threat of which the young woman had made the solemn commitment not to report, not to flee and pay the engagement debt of about 25 thousand euros, at the stage of the transfer to Italy from Libya.

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The investigations

The technical activity has made it possible to identify “Osas” in the suspect Obaswon Osazee, domiciled in Messina. After a few days from the placement of “Giuly” (girl’s invented name) in a protected structure, he activated himself to pick her up, bringing her to her home and starting prostitution. The network operated across multiple states. There was an “Italian” component made up of Obaswon Osazee called Ozed, or the Osas indicated by Giuly and found to be the undisputed head of the association, by William Tessy called Silvia, by Arasomwan James called James. The “Nigerian” component could count on the families of some of the suspects and others with the role of recruiters. The “Libyan” component was instead made up of the “connection man” to whom the organizers used to contact for the transfer of the victims by sea to Italy. The volume of business generated by illicit trafficking was managed thanks to the involvement of other compatriots who lent themselves to transfer, through unofficial channels, the bulk of the money to Nigeria or to transfer it to Libyan traffickers in payment for new trips to other victims of trafficking. From the analysis of the cash flows handled through the credit cards and postapay that emerged during the investigations and all subjected to seizure, transactions in the period of interest were ascertained for a total amount of 1 million and 200 thousand euros.

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