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Hello everyone! There are many comments on story of Dovi and his accident on Sunday. Among the many I read “cross training is fine, but the race is not“, and more” the Ducati was not to give him permission“. Those who criticize him are in a clear majority, even if someone comes towards him and says:”If he didn’t like the risk he would give himself to the darts. “It’s the point here.

In the face of certain sensational cases, in an attempt to understand them, we trivialize the story and bring it back to our level of common observers. But this is not ordinary people. Dovi is not as common as Alex Zanardi is not, who in these days is struggling in intensive care surrounded by the affection and hope of everyone. As Schumacher is not.

Zanardi. For him, the handbike means still doing sport at the highest level, participating in the Paralympics and winning all those medals; but he is the champion of a sport like motoring, and of course I don’t know how exactly that day went under Pienza, still nobody knows, but if I try to put myself in his shoes, as a former driver, I certainly know one what: what a nice downhill curve, on a nice mixed route, represents a magnificent temptation to which it is almost impossible to resist. Was Alex just unlucky? Or was he wrong and going too fast? Who knows, but we are not up to judge it.

And another champion like Schumi. Lto F1 and then the bike and the ski. Didn’t Schumacher try in every way to become a motorcycle driver, flirting with risk, getting very close to getting really hurt, when he closed with F1? And skiing. Of course, for someone it’s a sport and for him it had to be a simple hobby. That day there was a nice smooth, wide, easy track for families, and then there was a somewhat risky cut between the stones … A cut that called, Schumi was not going strong, just a small daily thrill for a champion. Unfortunately, that day was very unfortunate.

Dovi loves risk and loves motocross. It is natural for him to put the two together. But Ducati also loves risk. Of course, now one can say: they had to deny him this race. And someone in Germany will scold him now. But it wasn’t so easy, the Dovi would have said “don’t worry, I know what I’m doing, I’ll stay out of trouble”. And perhaps Domenicali and his team probably didn’t believe him completely, but they decided to take the risk anyway, because the risk has always been part of their DNA and that of Ducati.

In 1972 what they did to Ducati with the Imola 200 Miglia, the cradle of today’s super sports cars? They could also do like other houses, faced with a new and difficult formula, they could say no or participate indirectly in order not to expose themselves. Instead they risked, they committed themselves like crazy without thinking about budgets and returns, out of pure passion. IS they won, and a success story started from there. IS MotoGP? Without the big productions behind them like the Japanese, and with all the gap to fill, one could even say “but who makes you do it?”. Luckily they tried it anyway, taking the risk.

In short, judging is easy. But taking the risk, up to where and until when, is a more difficult and yet very fascinating undertaking.

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