NHS: Nurse trainees who fight Covid-19 will be salaried to say thank you


Nursing students who are working alongside nurses working on the front lines to combat the Coronavirus emergency will receive a salary. To ensure this is the Royal College of Nursing, who explained how, after an initial period of absolute confusion, the time has come to recognize them a salary.

The decision came after many of the 18,700 trainees decided to publicly express their anger. Although their contracts had expired, they were still asked to continue serving in the lane, given the global state of emergency.

Jonathan Ashworth, a member of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, admitted that the fact of having left the nursing students without an economic income at the end of the six months of the contract was a probable forgetfulness.

NHS: Nurse trainees who fight Covid-19 will be salaried to say thank you
Jonathan Ashworth

Friday, the Health Educarion England (HEE) has confirmed that students will be paid 100% until the end of their contracts, and in some cases their employment will be extended until August. No premature contractual termination due to the pandemic will therefore be exercised.

‚ÄúThese roles are normally unpaid. To thank the students who did not back down despite the bioemergency, we decided to pay off their hours of clinical internship, “explains Asheorth.

A particular prize will also be recognized for undergraduates in nursing: those wishing to continue to help the British health system can be hired immediately after obtaining their academic qualification, accessing facilitated procedures for the necessary bureaucratic procedures.

Dr. Simone Gussoni

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