news, contagion data and updates today 21 June 2020


Fourteen new cases in Lazio, 13 in Rome, four referring to San Raffaele Pisana and four other “imported” referring to positives from outside the region. This is a summary of the data on the trend of coronavirus in the last 24 hours.

“We must not let our guard down – yesterday the councilor for Health Alessio D’Amato – contact tracing services are doing important and extraordinary work “. Both as regards the cluster of the San Raffaele Pisana hospital (118 cases in total, 4 new yesterday) and the infections of those who arrived from outside. A case from Piedmont, in the ASL Roma 1, one from Brazil in the ASL Roma 3, another positive from Bergamo.

Cases since the start of the pandemic

Looking instead at the total cases, 987 are the current positives at Covid 19 in the Lazio region. Of which 701 are in home isolation, 247 hospitalized in ordinary hospital stay, 39 in intensive care. 827 died and 6195 healed. A total of 8009 cases have been investigated since the start of the pandemic.

The data of Saturday 20 June

Asl Roma 1 – 4 new positive cases, 1 of which with link from the Piedmont Region; the other asymptomatic identified by serological test. All in health surveillance. A 67-year-old woman died;

ASL Roma 2 – 2 new positive cases including 1 returning from Brazil. All in health surveillance. 13 people left home surveillance;

ASL Rome 3 – 6 new positive cases, 4 of which referable to the IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana cluster where another 430 swabs were performed for the second time; 1 referred to a woman who has returned from Bergamo. All under medical surveillance;

ASL Roma 4 – There are no new positive cases;

ASL Roma 5 – There are no new positive cases;

Asl Roma 6 – 1 new positive case referred to a seroprevalence survey, under health surveillance. 34 people left home surveillance;

Frosinone Local Health Authority – There are no new positive cases. 0 deaths. 4 people left home surveillance;

Asl di Latina – 1 new positive case, it is a boy who returned from Egypt via Milan, under medical surveillance. International contact tracing activated. 16 people left home surveillance;

ASL of Rieti – There are no new positive cases. 0 deaths. 6 people left home surveillance;

Viterbo Local Health Authority – There are no new positive cases;

Spallanzani’s bulletin of 20 June

104 patients have been hospitalized for coronavirus to date at the Lazzaro Spallanzani hospital. Yesterday there were 107. The institute communicates it with the latest medical bulletin issued. Of these, 45 are confirmed cases, of which 34 are currently buffer positive, 59 under investigation. Six patients need respiratory support. On the other hand, 482 patients were discharged and transferred to their homes or to other territorial structures.

The Rt index still above 1

To worry about in Lazio is the disease transmission index, the so-called Rt. Below 1 in all regions of Italy except in Lazio which marks a 1.12 due to outbreaks in Rome last week, and that of Garbatella than that reported to San Raffaele Pisana where, with the nurse found positive today, the positive cases reached 113.

This is what emerges from the weekly monitoring report of phase 2 of the Ministry of Health and ISS. Rt, we remember it, is the parameter that measures the average number of secondary infections produced by each infected individual, it measures the potential transmissibility of an infectious disease. In Lazio it exceeded the guard level (which is 1) and with 1.12 it also exceeded the figure recorded in Lombardy (0.82), the region hardest hit by Covid-19.

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The ISS in the report therefore calls for caution since “the epidemic is not over and the epidemiological situation is extremely fluid”.

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