New York, the statue of Roosevelt will be removed in front of the Natural History Museum: “Too racist”


NEW YORK – The bronze statue of Theodore Roosevelt which for decades welcomed visitors in front of the New York Natural History Museum will soon be removed. The direction of the Museum announced it yesterday, because the representation of what was the twenty-sixth President of the United States and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1905 is decidedly “too racist”: with him on horseback, and at his feet a African and an American Indian.According to the director of the museum, Ellen V. Futter, the decision to remove the equestrian statue sculpted in 1939 by Earle Fraser it is not about Roosevelt’s political ideas, but about the “hierarchical composition” of his representation. The initiative was also approved by one of the last heirs of the American president, his great-grandson Theodore Roosevelt IV, according to which “the world does not need statues or relics of another era that reflect neither the values ​​of one person nor the values ​​of equality and justice”.
In short, in spite of himself, the American president would have for decades embodied a message of the worst colonialism and the most forbidden racism, he who has his face carved on Mount Rushmore, together with those of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, immediately gave the green light to move the statue, claiming that it is “the right decision at the right time”, referring to the vast movement of revolt and indignation born after the death of George Floyd, the African American killed in Minneapolis during a control of the police on May 25th. Against Trump who tweeted: “Ridiculous, don’t do it!”.In fact, the statue has been the subject of controversy for years. On its website, the museum management says that a municipal commission had already tried to remove it in 2017 and 2018, without success. The accumulated evidence was then deemed insufficient. Last year an exhibition was also set up on the history of the controversial equestrian statue which became an icon thanks to the film A night at the museum by Shawn Levy. In the 2006 film the wax statue of Theodore Roosevelt is the most benevolent of all. The president is the actor Robin Williams who with courage and comedy will be of great help to the night watchman of the Museum, Larry Daley, played by Ben Stiller. Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt is secretly in love with the Indian Sacagawea. But she is even ashamed to confess her feelings.

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