Friday, August 14, 2020
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New York: restaurants reopen, you can only eat outdoors


Even in one of the areas most affected by the coronavirus in the world, the time has come to leave. The city of New York, the economic engine of the United States of America, officially enters phase 2. So, as happened for us – obviously with all the necessary security measures – the restaurants roll up the shutters, but for now we can eat only outdoors.

Only one can be housed inside (or better to say outside) of the premises maximum of ten customers per table, and only if they are all part of the same “party”.

Not just restaurants and bareven hairdressers (but the beard cannot be cut due to the mandatory mask) and the shops reopen their doors and therefore the Americans who want to can go back to eating and shopping, obviously always moving with a mask and respecting the social distancing.

In total, about 150/300 thousand people return to work in the Big Apple. ā€¯Phase 2 is officially underway. Shops, offices, hairdressers, barbers and restaurants are back. But remember: when you’re out it’s still essential to wear a mask and social distancing, “tweets the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio.

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