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Protests in the USA, set on fire near the White House

Donald Trump calls for an iron fist against the war waged by violent protesters across the United States in response to the death of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis following his arrest. Chiara de Blasio, the 25-year-old daughter of the mayor of New York, also took to the streets and ended up in handcuffs on Saturday night in Manhattan.

Death of George Floyd, protests in Seattle: little girl hit with the pepper spray

Trump calls on local authorities, especially Democrats, to use the National Guard. “Become tough, mayors and democratic governors. These people are anarchists. Call our National Guard now. The world is watching and laughing at you and Joe asleep. Is this what America wants? »: Tweet the President. Who invokes “law and order” in particular in Philadelphia against looters. And he congratulates, also on Twitter, precisely with the National Guard for having «quickly blocked» the anarchists of the radical left last night in Minneapolis.

Death George Floyd, looks like a “Joker” scene but it’s protests in New York

The American National Guard is a military body that is part of the United States Armed Forces and is linked to the US Army and the United States Air Force, Army and Air Force. As a result, it is structured into two sub-components: the “Army National Guard of the United States” for the Army and the “Air National Guard of the United States” for the USAF Air Force. It is organized into contingents stationed in each of the 50 states, three territories and the District of Columbia, or the capital Washington, and operates under their respective governors, who exercise control through state aides. She may be called upon to perform an active assignment by governors to respond to civil protection emergencies. On the occasion of this recent wave of violence it has already been activated in at least 12 states and in D.C.

Death of George Floyd, protests in New York: police cars on demonstrators throwing objects

However, Trump goes further and even evokes the use of the Army itself as emerged from his recent consultations with the Pentagon. And he reiterates it in another tweet. “Crossing state lines to incite violence is a federal crime! Liberal governors and mayors must become MUCH stricter or the federal government will step in and do what needs to be done, and this includes La
the use of our military’s unlimited power and many arrests. Thanks!”.

Death of George Floyd, police in Los Angeles fire on unarmed demonstrators

The Constitution

The Constitution does not provide for the mobilization of the army in the event of internal riots, but on the basis of the Insurrection Act of 1807, this intervention can be invoked. The only precedent in history dates back to the Los Angeles uprising that broke out on April 29, 1992 and ended on May 4 of the same year. Even then it was the fourth year of George H. W. Bush (father) ‘s first and only term of office, or the same year as the elections that would bring Bill Clinton to the White House. The unrest began in South Central, after the acquittal of four officers from the city’s Police Department (Lapd) for the excessive use of force in the arrest and beating of the African-American taxi driver Rodney King, who had been registered and widely seen in the TV broadcast. A coincidence that shakes the wrists of the current tenant of the White House, who points the index towards the AntiFa organizations that promises to blacklist terrorist groups.

Alan Friedman: “It is not easy to be an American these days, I cry for my country”

Riots and violence
Meanwhile, the violence continues. A man was seriously injured by crowds in Dallas, Texas while wielding a machete, according to police and witnesses, to protect his shop or neighborhood from demonstrators who took to the streets for the death of George Floyd. In the images on social media, you can see him trying to drive away the demonstrators, even chasing some of them, before being hunted down, thrown to the ground and brutally hit with kicks and punches. “Terrible! Where are the arrests and sentences for long-term prison? »Comments Trump thundering against anarchists and the extreme left. And he adds: “How come all these places that defend themselves so badly are governed by liberal democrats?” And to the police, he says: “Be tough, fight (and arrest the bad ones), come on.”

Death George Floyd, thousands lying on their stomach in Denver: the impressive images

According to US media reports, the president himself was brought to the White House bunker for a few minutes in response to protests staged outside the 1600 gates of Pennsylvania Avenue that injured 60 Secret Service agents, the body that deals with of the security of the high offices of the state. The White House was put into a “lockdown” for a few hours. The protests in front of the president’s residence have resumed in recent days while fires in areas adjacent to the area were even set off yesterday evening, despite the curfew decided by the mayor Muriel Bowser.

Death George Floyd, in New York a woman kneels in front of the police

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