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New spies of the Sun’s awakening. After the group of spots observed in April, an eruption on the surface of our star indicates that the new solar cycle may be upon us. The phenomenon was photographed by space telescopes that observe the Sun, which recorded the expulsion of several plasma bubbles, none of which directed towards Earth.

“An active region has given rise to an X-ray flare of the M1.1 class, on the scale that classifies them by power from A, B, C, M, up to X. It was from 20 October 2017 that a The intensity of the active region lies at high latitude and therefore presumably belongs to the new cycle of solar activity, “the solar physicist Mauro Messerotti, from the Trieste Observatory of the National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF) tells ANSA and the University of Trieste, which photographed the active region.

Solar cycles last an average of 11 years and oscillate between periods when the number of sunspots increases and decreases. Currently the Sun is in the phase of minimum activity and phenomena like this just observed are signs of its awakening. However, explains Messerotti, the new solar cycle, he is still very shy: “it gives rise to sporadic and short-lived activity phenomena”.

It is normal, he adds “that solar activity occurs even in the minimum phase, this indicates that magnetic fields are being organized in preparation for the start of the new cycle”. The solar flare has been observed from space, by NASA’s Stereo A satellites, Soho, of the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA, and NASA’s Sdo.

The rash was produced by an active region, which appeared as a complex of brighter areas (facole), on the solar photosphere (the region where spots are formed) that indicate the presence of an emerging magnetic field. However, Messerotti notes, this complex that had given rise to activity has calmed down and has not given rise to a group of sunspots. Therefore, to date, the Sun has been free of spots for 30 consecutive days (121 days in total since the beginning of the 2020).

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