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SUSPEND THE ECOTASS – We already dealt with it last week, but let’s go back to the topic to learn more. So we discover that several amendments of Five Stars, Italia Viva, Forza Italia, Lega and others propose to suspend the application of theeco-tax for cars with higher emissions provided for by the 2019 budget law. The eco-tax is currently graduated by level of CO2 emissions and varies between 1,100 and 2,500 euros.

INCENTIVES FOR 2020 – The Five Star Movement would also like to refinance the current ones incentives for the electric cars is plug-in hybrids, expanding the range of models. On the other hand, he opposes any incentives for petrol and diesel cars aimed at disposing of the squares full of cars stopped in the dealers’ squares. We have already spoken about the amendment signed by the Democratic Party, Italia Viva and Leu: from July and throughout 2020, the state contribution of 2 thousand euros, provided that it is at least doubled by the concessionaire. The cars allowed are petrol and diesel as long as Euro 6 and with CO2 emissions greater than 61 g / km, in the face of scrapping of cars over 10 years of age (without scrapping it drops to a thousand euros to be doubled by the seller). In 2021, the figure would drop putting a cap of emissions at 95 g / km and a state contribution to one thousand euros with scrapping and 500 euros without (always with the same sum also put by the concessionaire). The estimated cost is 200 million in 2020 and 50 million in 2021.

ELECTRIC AND HYBRID – On the Five Star side, the intention to strengthen the current one is worth mentioning bonus intended for electric and plug-in hybrids, creating a new range of models, with emissions between 61 and 95 g / km of CO2, and with a contribution of 2 thousand euros if a car is scrapped between Euro 0 and Euro 4 and one thousand euros without scrapping. Italia Viva did the same. This incentive should be refinanced with another 150 million expected by 2020 (compared to 100 allocated so far) and with another 370. If these proposals were accepted: those who scrap will have 6 thousand euros of contribution for the purchase of a car in the 0-20 range g / km of CO2, 4 thousand between 21 and 60 and 2 thousand between 61 and 95. Without the scrappingcontributions would drop to € 4,000, € 2,500 and € 1,000 respectively. From Leu, then comes the request for an additional 25 million in two years for the fund for two wheels, with tricycle and quadricycle extensions.

OPPOSITION – The amendments of the opposition of Lega, Forza Italia, Fratelli d’Italia are heterogeneous and support both the bonus refinancing for the electricity and the scrapping for gasoline and diesel Euro 6, for the disposal of unsold cars.
But there is also some convergence between the Brothers of Italy and a majority party, Italia Viva to increase the VAT deductibility of the costs related to cars for entrepreneurs and self-employed workers, from 40 to 100%. Fratelli d’Italia would also like to strengthen the tax credit for commercial and industrial vehicles, doubling both the rate, from 6 to 12%, and the incentive spending limit, from 2 to 4 million. Finally, the Mixed group proposes amendments to lower VAT on the purchase of new cars from 22 to 18% and for the abolition of the super stamp.

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