New Jeep Compass 2020: new engines and more connectivity


There new Jeep Compass from the American soul it will be produced in Melfi, in Basilicata, and will also be destined for the European market. The new SUV of segment C of FCA was conceived with the target of improving efficiency and ensuring excellent connectivity wherever you are.

To improve performance and reduce environmental impact, a new 1.3-cylinder turbo engine capable of developing has been developed 130 or 150 hp. The new engine is part of the new family Global Small Engine of FCA. The unit, made of aluminum, already complies with Euro 6D regulations Final thanks to the use of the GPF particulate filter and a specific supercharging system that improves engine response at low speeds by reducing CO2 emissions by up to 27% and optimizing consumption by up to 30%. The data refer to the WLTP cycle, in which the 4X4 version with automatic transmission was used).

The powertrain adopts the third generation MultiAir technology, where combustion improves thanks to a particular solution. By adjusting the valve lift and timing, it further optimizes the independent control of the opening and closing of the intake valves.

In the front wheel drive versions the 130 hp step is combined with a six-speed manual transmission, the 150 hp one with a double clutch automatic, before 4X2 Jeep to propose this type of combination.

If you want to opt for diesel the new Jeep Compass offers the 1.6, which produces 120 HP is 320 Nm of couple. It is available with manual transmission combined with front wheel drive. The version completes the range of engines available 4Xe plug-in hybrid to all-wheel drive 4xe. The hybrid system develops from 190 PS or 240 PS combined with the electric motor. It will be available on the European market in the second half of the year.

There new Jeep Compass also stands out for the upgrading of connectivity. They debut on all Compass outfits starting from the Longitude and in combination with the 7 and 8.4 ″ infotainment systems the new ones Uconnect Services accessible via different touchpoints, including the mobile app My Uconnect, lo smartwatch, the website, the buttons on the ceiling light and the radio. These features are disseminated in different packages, which are standard or on request according to the layouts.

In addition, on Hybrid compasses 4xe plug-ins are added specific features that allow you to check the battery charge level directly from the app. Also through the app, you can program the charging, the air conditioning and identify the closest charging stations.

The Compass family with new engines is offered only in front-wheel drive and is on sale in prices that are from 29.000 to 36.000 € in the Longitude, Night Eagle, Limited and S. versions, the electrified versions will be the only ones in the all-wheel drive family. The most powerful is already in presale at a figure that starts from € 41,000.

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