“New inevitable infections”, Fauci warns Europe


    <h2>Trump's adviser: "No normalcy for at least a year"</h2>


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    <p>"<strong>Future infections are inevitable and staff, tests and resources are needed to identify cases and track contacts</strong>". The virologist said so <strong>Anthony</strong> <strong>Fauci</strong>, adviser to the president <strong>Donald</strong> <strong>Trump</strong>, in an interview granted to La Stampa and taken over by the Ansa. "If we do," he added, "when the infections happen <strong>we can prevent them from becoming a second wave</strong>".

The expert added that “in December and January the Chinese have not been very transparent in giving information “.

So, the prediction: according to Fauci there will be enough information in the fall to know whether the vaccines will be safe and effective, “The hope is to have them available by the beginning of 2021”.

The director of the National institute of allergy and infectious diseases stressed that the vaccine is “the real solution. There are several candidates, many supported by the US government and others independent. Test phase 1 was done very early, and test 3 will begin in the first half of July. ”

So a judgment on the management by Italy: “What you are doing is right, I encourage you to use caution. When you reopen you must be ready to respond to any increasetherefore tests are needed. You had many Chinese visitors, and the infection spread before you knew what was going on. There has been a silent infiltration, especially in the North. In Lombardy there were more Chinese visitors, the average age of the population is high, tests and hospitals were not ready. ”

Europe should develop its vaccine, my prediction is that we will have more than one vaccine, which can be used not only in the country that developed it, but to share it with the whole world, “added Fauci.

The care for Covid-19 we will know if they work “between the beginning and the end of autumn“.

Finally, on the possibility that the US will leave the WHO, it says that “it is not a perfect organization, but the world needs it”.

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