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Pragmata returns to appear in the first series of images published by Capcom for the new game shown for the first time yesterday for PS5, Xbox Series X and PC, arriving in 2022, with some details by the developers.

Announced by Capcom during the Sony PS5 presentation event, Pragmata is a particular ad game dystopian setting which ranges between the Earth of the future and the Moon, described as “an unforgettable adventure, powered by the hardware of the new generation of consoles”.

To tell the truth, there is still not much information about it, with Capcom who reported wanting to disseminate further details on the game in 2021, while the release of Pragmata is scheduled instead for the 2022therefore there is still time to see it in a more complete form.

“Our development team is working hard on this completely new game, making full use of next gen technology, such as the ray tracing, to create a breathtaking and engaging science fiction setting like they have never seen before “, reads a post on the official blog of the Japanese company.

“We can’t wait to tell you more but … that’s all we can spread at the moment, we will share more information on Pragmata in 2021”, he reports Capcom in the post. Apparently, therefore, it is a game planned for 2022 and multiplatform, which will also make use of ray tracing.

Meanwhile, in addition to the presentation trailer published yesterday, Capcom has also published a series of images for Pragmata, mostly taken from the video itself, therefore without these presenting new elements compared to what has been seen so far.

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