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There has been talk for some time of the return of a new Fiat Punto. The car still enjoys great popularity among motorists and especially in Italy. Since the old model went out of production, many have wondered if a new Punto would sooner or later return to the market.

According to the latest rumors coming directly from the world of engines, it would seem that this eventuality is very likely. A specific date is also set. It would indeed be 2022 the right year for the return of the famous model of the main Italian car manufacturer.

In 2022 the new Fiat Punto arrives?

A new indication of the return of a new Fiat Punto comes directly from France where a source inside the PSA group would have confirmed the return of the model which will be one of the first to be born after the merger of Fiat Chrysler with PSA.

This car will rise on the CMP platform of the French group and will also have a fully electric version which should have much in common with the recent Peugeot e-208. This means that the new Fiat Punto in its electric version will have autonomy up to 340 km.

The formalization of the return of Fiat Punto should take place already in 2021. This as soon as the merger between FCA and PSA will be completed. Recall that recently John Elkann and Carlos Tavares, future President and CEO of the nascent group have confirmed the conclusion of the merger for the first quarter of 2021.

This means that the announcement of the arrival of a new Fiat Punto may already arrive by the middle of next year. Finally, we remind you that the same global head of Fiat Oliver Francois has confirmed in recent weeks the return of Fiat in the B segment of the market with two models. At this point therefore it seems likely that one of the two will be just right the new Fiat Punto.

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