New Amsterdam 2, Platinette admits: “It is not an innovative series, but …”


Written by Claudia Ciavarella, on June 11, 2020, in Serie & Film Tv

New Amsterdam 2, Platinette on the new season: “This genre is in excellent health”

The second part of the new season of New Amsterdam debuted on Thursday 4 June on Channel 5. The Italian viewers, after a long wait, will discover – in four appointments – the epilogue of the events that involved the doctor Max Goodwin in the troubled 2019/2020 television season. If the schedule Mediaset will not undergo further changes, the show created by David Schulner it will end on June 25 with the eighteenth episode. Just on the issues covered by Medical Drama the traditional column “The protagonists of TV seen by Platinette” focused by Mauro Coruzzi and published on DiPiùTV. The journalist, while acknowledging the television product as a genre still dear to the general public, underlined the predictability of the topics covered:

It is certainly not an innovative TV series, given that a predictability made to make fiction easy to assimilate reigns on the scene, but it is the confirmation that this type of entertainment is in excellent health among the general public.

Platinette (Mauro Coruzzi) comments on New Amsterdam 2: “Lively scenes are missing”

Continuing with his analysis of the second season of New Amsterdam (HERE the advances related to the next two episodes aired tonight), Mauro Coruzzi he exalted the perfect dosage, expertly staged by the writers, between the personal stories of the protagonists and the medical-professional ones. A mix that would allow, according to the opinion of the opinionist, to get passionate about the events narrated and to recognize in the private stories of the characters aspects easily referable to everyday life. An expedient, the latter, which however would not leave the right space for action. Unlike other genres, New Amsterdam 2 it would not propose scenes with high adrenaline content that would penalize the performance of the Medical Drama. Here is what he said Platinette in the latest issue of DiPiùTv:

The show holds up well, even if there are no lively scenes typical of other genres of fiction. It was just a taste when a trio of inmates hospitalized wreaks havoc in an attempt to escape.

New Amsterdam, Platinette on the second season: “There is plenty of room for tears”

Finally the attention of Platinette focused on the aspect that more than any other characterizes New Amsterdam. The numerous private patient stories ensure, in fact, viewers the opportunity to witness particularly moving scenes that always leave room for personal reflections that fans of the Medical Drama they can conduct independently taking inspiration from the reactions of the characters:

There is plenty of room for tears. New Amsterdam is “politically correct”, contains a good dose of elementary common sense and is simple to understand and follow.

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