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Coop tried 13 years ago to become part of the world of mobile telephony and apparently it has succeeded. The well-known company that deals with the food sector is also famous in the world of telephony, especially in the field virtual thanks to the presence of its manager CoopVoce.

The offers initially did not enjoy so much following, since they had content that was not too large to offer. Afterwards, everything changed as the company revised its strategy clearly. Since then, more and more high-level offers have arrived, which today stand out thanks to the famous line ChiamaTutti. This is one of the most taken into consideration if we count the number of users that arrived with its creation.

CoopVoce: ChiamaTutti TOP 50 offers the best to everyone with 50GB in 4G and much more, only 10 euros per month

The best offer that you can now find on the site of the well-known company is certainly the Call All TOP 50, promotions that many are evaluating. This includes the best content that every user would like to have on their smartphone today.

It is difficult to find such a promotion that lasts forever and that manages to offer such quality. We are in fact talking about a manager that is based on the Vodafone network, so i 50 gig offered in 4G are of the highest level. They are then present unlimited minutes is 1000 SMS Towards all. The price is only € 10 per month forever.

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