New 500 “la Prima” convertible, sold out. Now it’s up to the sedan


“After the success achieved with the pre-booking dedicated to the Nuova 500” la Prima “cabrio – numbered edition – presented last March in Milan, now sold out, the range of the Nuova 500 expands with the second” Launch Edition “- the Nuova 500 “the First” sedan – which cleverly combines the new “electric and sustainable” soul of the third generation of 500 with the unmistakable design and attention to detail of the Fiat icon, typical of the best Made in Italy products “: so at FCA they enjoy the success of the launch of the new 500 electric that has suddenly sold out in the convertible version and which now arrives – always in the “First” version with sedan bodywork at a price of 34,900 euros.The launch mechanism is always that of “pre-booking” which gives you the opportunity to be among the first to buy the electric five. Everything is done on the official Fiat website, with a few clicks you can choose colors and accessories and then, as soon as the car physically arrives, the user will be among the first to be contacted by the selected dealer and can thus proceed, if he wishes, with the order. “In fact, it should be remembered – they explain to Fiat – that the expression of interest is not absolutely binding since it does not represent in any way an order or a sale and therefore does not materialize a process of purchasing goods or services or anything else, not even online”.
For the rest, the New 500 “the First” sedan is the same as we know, available in three liveries inspired by the fundamental elements of nature: Ocean Green (mycalized) which refers to the sea; Mineral Gray (metallic) to the Earth; and Celestial Blue (three-layer) to the sky. All with full led headlights, 17 ‚ÄĚdiamond rims and chromed inserts on the windows and on the side and with an eco-leather interior covering that surrounds the dashboard and seats.The declared autonomy is 320 km (WLTP cycle), thanks to the lithium ion batteries which have an installed energy of 42 kWh and the fast charge system in direct current up to 85 kW is available which allows you to recharge the battery in a very short time. For example, for a reserve of energy sufficient to travel 50 kilometers in urban use – more than necessary in the average daily use – it takes only 5 minutes. And always thanks to the fast charge, you can recharge the battery up to 80% of charge in just 35 minutes. The “Combo 2” socket located on the rear right side of the car allows charging in both alternating and direct current, and is an intelligent socket because it allows you to give input on the charging schedule and provides feedback on the vehicle’s charging status. Furthermore, it was decided to offer solutions also for home recharging.

The new 500 “La Prima”, sedan and convertible versions, includes the easyWallbox, the charging system that allows you to connect to the home network. It was developed by ENGIE Eps for FCA and will be marketed in the main European markets by Mopar in conjunction with the launch of the model. It is a simple solution, accessible and manageable via Bluetooth, which – without the need for any intervention by specialized personnel – allows you to immediately recharge your 500 at home with a charging power of up to 2.3 kW keeping in count the other domestic loads active during charging. In addition, the easyWallbox is already set up for power upgrades of up to 7.4 kW. The model is also equipped with a “Mode 3” cable which allows both domestic and public charging, up to 11 kW.

Finally, there are three driving modes: Normal, Range and Sherpa selectable according to the driving style.
In particular, the Sherpa mode allows the driver to reach his destination by optimizing the available resources. The Sherpa driving mode intervenes on several elements to reduce the car’s energy consumption to the maximum, precisely to ensure that the destination set on the navigator or the nearest charging station is reached. Like a “Himalayan Sherpa”, who has control of the entire expedition and directs it to the destination, this driving mode intervenes on various parameters: the maximum speed, which is limited to 80 km / h; the response to the accelerator, in order to reduce energy consumption, and the deactivation of the air conditioning system and heated seats (with the possibility for the driver to reactivate them at any time).

The “Normal” mode is that which brings driving as close as possible to that of a vehicle with a normal combustion engine. The “Range” mode, on the other hand, activates the “one-pedal drive” function. By selecting this driving mode, the driver can drive the New 500 almost with just the accelerator pedal. It is a mode that maximizes regenerative braking and consequently autonomy. In any case, it is necessary to intervene on the brake pedal to reach a complete stop.
The engine has a power of 87 kW which allows the maximum speed of 150 km / h (self-limited) and an acceleration in 9.0 seconds from 0-100 km / h, and of 3.1 seconds in the 0-50 km / h.

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