“Never said that the virus has changed”: Zangrillo’s reply


    <h2>The doctor: "I support all common sense recommendations"</h2>


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    <p>“It is really strange to see that the truth leads to the opposition between scientists. This is not nice for those who listen to us.<strong> I declared, and I repeat, that 'the virus is clinically non-existent'</strong>. I have never said that the virus has changed, and above all I have seen with my own eyes the dramatic consequences of the epidemic in its acute phase ". He told Adnkronos, <strong>Alberto Zangrillo</strong>, director of the general anesthesia and resuscitation and cardio-thoracic-vascular units of the San Raffaele hospital in Milan.

Zangrillo is therefore back on the controversies that arose after his statements on the current situation with Covid-19.

San Raffaele’s doctor has also been criticized by members of the Technical-scientific Committee on the coronavirus.

My statement arises from clinical observation, from the comparison with the scientific direction and the multidisciplinary clinical component of my home university, “reiterated Zangrillo.

“Having said that – he concluded – I support all common sense recommendations which, if performed, will be decisive in freeing us from this nightmare forever “.

VIRGILIO NEWS | 01-06-2020 16:14

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