Never have so many infections in the world. In India sick in luxury hotels, in Brazil 50 thousand cases


“The coronavirus pandemic continues to accelerate,” says the WHO. And global data make the idea of ​​this statement. In the last 24 hours the record of new infections has been reached: 183 thousand. If in Europe – except for the German case – it seems to be going better – Covid does not go back from Brazil to India.

More than a quarter of the cases registered today have been detected in Brazil. India and the United States follow.

Epicenter in Latin America. Not just Brazil. The situation is particularly complicated across South America. The pandemic continues to grow in the average of the last few days, where in 24 hours the cases of infection have risen to 2,048,891 (+41,871) and the dead to 95,724. These are the data that emerge from a statistic created by ANSA on the basis of official data from 34 Latin American countries and territories.

After Brazil there is Peru with 254,936 total infections and 8,045 in 24 hours and Chile (242,355 and 4,479). Less affected, but with significant figures, Mexico (180.545 and 21.825), Ecuador (50.640 and 4.223), Colombia (68.652 and 2.237) and Argentina (42.785 and 1.011).

India: luxury hotels become Covid centers. From tourist reception places to sites for the assistance of people who have been infected with the coronavirus, more than 425 thousand according to the latest medical bulletin. It happens to 25 luxury hotels in India, where over 10 thousand new cases of coronavirus have been registered for the 11th consecutive day. Data that led the authorities to fear that there are not enough beds in hospitals to assist patients, leading the New Delhi government to divert tourist accommodation to health care.

Even the hotel staff is trained to be able to provide initial medical assistance to those who need it, albeit with some perplexities and reluctance on the part of the employees. “They are afraid for their safety, to infect their families and not be able to manage the sanitation or disposal of biomedical waste,” Kannu Sharma, head of training for support staff at the Holy Family hospital, told Guardian in New Delhi and now in charge of the hotel staff at the Suryaa, a few meters away from the hospital.

Each hotel will still be connected to the nearest Covid-19 hospital. In the state of New Delhi, today there are nine thousand beds in hospitals. But chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has estimated that 150,000 beds will be needed in the capital by the end of July, when half a million people are expected to need treatment. Although 15 thousand beds will be available in hotels and dining rooms, the city will still be suffering and only serious cases can be hospitalized.

The hotel management team opposed the government’s scheme, stating that employees were not educated to provide medical treatment. Although Girish Tyagi, president of the Delhi Medical Association, says that hospitals can easily educate their employees for measuring fever and oxygen levels, understanding when patients need to be hospitalized. “In this strange period, we must be innovative to deal with the increase in cases. In any case, hotel employees will work under medical supervision, “said Tyagi.

In Germany R0 flies. The index that marks the trend of contagions rocketed yesterday in Germany. Arriving at 2.88 compared to 1.79 the previous day. The possibility of new restrictions opens up. This was underlined by the Robert Koch Institute (Rki). The outbreak in North Rhine-Westphalia (Nrw) where 1,331 workers from a slaughterhouse in Guetersloh were found positive at Covid-19 weighing on German R0.

Seven thousand have been placed in quarantine and the leader of the Land, Armin Laschet, stressed that “there is a huge risk of a pandemic”; he did not rule out restrictions, but stressed that he was waiting for advice from the Robert Koch Institute which sent experts to the region.

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