‘Ndrangheta: who is Giorgino “Malefix”, the boss’s son who conquered the ex of Big Brother Vip


In Milan rampant businessman, in Reggio Calabria, son and heir of bosses. On the Calabrian shore of the Strait peacemaker chosen to quell dangerous frictions, in the name of a family that is synonymous and synthesis of almost a century of criminal history, under the Madonnina, a well-known face on the premises, disputed at the tables of the private rooms, well seen in the jet set .Places frequented by those who speak with life sentences only in the fiction that he recites. He really did it and to people like Alfonso Molinetti, patriarch with a couple of decades in prison behind him for murder, he said “my brothers have always told me, we must venerate you”. Loyalties cemented in a real war, which left 800 killed dead on the asphalt of Reggio Calabria from 85 to ’91.


‘Ndrangheta, raid in Reggio Calabria. Taken Giorgio De Stefano, entrepreneur-boss companion of Silvia Provvedi. She called it “Malefix”

Giorgino De Stefano had many lives and wore them when needed. Thoughtful companion of a starlet like Silvia Provvedi, ready to fly over with love messages the house of the Big brother vip in which she was imprisoned, in Reggio Calabria man of ‘ndrangheta able to speak the language of the bosses, trained to show respect to the patriarchs without to be servile, to propose offers of peace that hide war messages.In Milan, nobody knew exactly what work he was doing, officially he is nullatenente and with only one inactive srl available. But he always had the money. Many. Habitué of the Milanese nightlife say that he never hesitated to put his hand to the wallet to invite, offer, pay homage. Generosity that seems to have turned off all curiosity. Maybe someone had the suspect. His partner also called him “Malefix”, like the villain of the Ghostbusters. However, nobody ever seemed to worry about it.

Milan to drink and the undergrowth of footballers, VIPs and starlets that populate it, welcomed the boss’s son with open arms together with his second. Nobody ever asked too many questions even when rumors began to circulate about the family criminal pedigree, easily verifiable with a quick Google search.
A criminal history – reconstructed the anti-mafia prosecutor’s office in Reggio Calabria – which Giorgino never denied. Indeed, he wanted to be part of it at all costs. Illegitimate son of Don Paolino De Stefano, born in Milan, as a teenager he chose to want to be boss, to be part of the family criminal history, which has been found since 1930 in the court papers.

When they tightened his cuffs on his wrists, he didn’t say anything, he didn’t mention protests. Mobile first looked for him in his home in via Boscovich, left not for fear of arrests but because of a broken air conditioner. And when they caught him in his sister-in-law’s apartment in Navigli, Giulia Provvedi did not mention any escapes, she made no apology. He remained frozen as the agents of the Mobile reviewed his belongings and handed him a swag of almost 600 pages of a precautionary custody order.

Like his brothers Carmine, Dimitri, Peppe before him. Like his father, Don Paolino De Stefano, who first understood the strategic importance of relations with politics, freemasonry, institution, who founded the ‘new Ndrangheta on the pillars and at the cost of a war in the Moti years of Reggio and of the Borghese coup. “All Reggio Calabria walked on my father’s shoes” said Peppe De Stefano, the chief of crime of Reggio Calabria and Giorgino’s brother, said in the only interrogation to talk about the organic bond with the bourgeoisie, a town and beyond, cemented in those years he also survived the murder of Don Paolino.

The ambush in which the boss was killed in 85 was the beginning of a war, but the power of the De Stefano’s did not die in that conflict, rather they came out stronger. And in the veneration of the criminal family to which he has always legitimately wanted to belong, Giorgino De Stefano has grown. With the endorsement of the brothers, at 37 he officially became a De Stefano, complete with a change of surname and tax code, and role in the family mafia hierarchy.

He has been on the road since when in Reggio Calabria he was the owner of a laundry that worked at a loss, but it was used to keep his mother and aunt busy and he – says the repentant Enrico De Rosa – “frequented with children, like, of 25- 26 years of brothel, in short, who were not, in short, quiet people, who led a private life, were too flashy; but besides, he was too flashy “. And for ‘Ndrangheta etiquette it is not a good thing. “He had a bunch of 500 euros – says De Rosa – it never ended I said to him: ‘Giorgio but where do you get them? Maybe you print them? ’And had a lot of them.” To keep an eye out for a boss child is prohibited.

“He did not give a good image, above all – says the collaborator – to the cousin Giovanni” regent of the clan while Giorgino’s brothers were in prison. But the criminal stuff was there, the word of the patriarch Don Peppe Pelle who a decade ago with the boss Ficara called Giorgino “u latriceddu” (the thief) but recognized the ability to put up “a nice team of boys”.

For this reason – he explains – he was sent to Lombardy, where the De Stefano’s have been at home since 1970 and the crime chief Peppe De Stefano has always had a say. “They sent him to Milan, they kicked him out so he wouldn’t kick him in the ass, they sent him out, it’s not just about performing, like, an action of presence in the De Stefano family in the Milanese interests, it’s also because he was doing damage in Reggio of the Madonna “.

And the De Stefano had and have many interests in Milan. Giorgino himself intercepted confirms this. “There are so many opportunities, why do we have to fight?” he tells Alfonso Molinetti, who in his court is looking forward to placing his son while criticizing his grandchildren, more interested in showing the bad face on the banks of the Strait than in making money out. “I told Peppe a thousand times … and Alfonso as well … I told him … come over there, give me a hand too- De Stefano agreed – I am one, however we have a lot of things to do . One takes care of a country abroad, one takes care of relations with other Christians .. that is, we can, we could do a lot of things “. Things that investigators are looking for, while trying to reconstruct the Milanese years of Giorgino, put at the mercy by Paolo Martino, minister of affairs of the ‘Ndrangheta in the North.

A school that taught him not to pay too much attention, to hide, perhaps even abroad. “When it was the fact of Dimitri as well … they arrested Dimitri and they did the operation … to my uncle .. I left – he intercepts – I was out, I always came with the car, I was going down from the outside … I was a week and then I left again … and I was in Spain, right? … well … in the summer I was in Ibiza “.

In Reggio Calabria he showed little, he got there at night and very careful – he says – to leave cell phones elsewhere. A touch and escape, only to monitor family affairs, special holidays and weddings that you cannot miss and to send messages. Giving the arm to his brother’s wife, Giuseppe De Stefano presented himself at the delivery of the appeal sentence that buried the relative in prison for another ten years. One way to testify concretely that the command line has not changed. And in front of him, the crowd of relatives of the defendants opened up like the Red Sea. Because a boss child remains a boss child. Even in the years when the paparazzi are chasing him and he seems more interested in the jet set than in the ‘ndrangheta meetings. At least officially. Because when the judicial papers tell the story and not the magazines, the story becomes very different. And it tells of a ‘Ndrangheta who has learned to hide, camouflage, be accepted.

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