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TORINO. The hands of the ‘ndrangheta on the Cuneo area. This is the plot of the latest investigation of the Turin District Anti-Mafia Directorate that this morning, Tuesday 30 June, led to the arrest of 12 people (8 in prison and 4 at home) and about thirty searches between Cuneo, Turin and Reggio Calabria .

‘Ndrangheta operation between Turin and Cuneo: “This is how crime has infiltrated the public administration”

The family of ‘ndrangheta Luppino, originally from Sant’Eufemia di Aspromonte (RC) with deep interests in the socio-economic fabric of Bra, ended up in the sights of the investigators of the Turin mobile team and of the investigative unit of the carabinieri of the provincial command of Cuneo.

The investigation, coordinated by prosecutors Stefano Castellani and Paolo Cappelli, was born three years ago from the statements of the collaborator of justice Domenico Agresta, who spoke of a real “local of ‘Ndrangheta” operating in Bra, in the Cuneo area. The gang is connected to the powerful Alvaro family of Sinopoli. Among the main Luppino businesses there was drug trafficking, including cocaine.

“This is a place that, since at least 2015, had been strongly branched in the territory and in the public administration”, explains chief prosecutor Anna Maria Loreto. Among the suspects – about thirty – also a member of the public administration, accused of voting for a mafia political exchange.

The Luppino brothers are considered by the investigators to be “prominent in the territory” to the point of being able to influence the allocation of seats on the occasion of the “Cheese” event.

“An ability to control the territory that derives from the name emerges – explain Luigi Mitola, manager of the Turin Mobile Squad, and Lieutenant Colonel Marco Pettinato, commander of the investigative nucleus of the Cuneo carabinieri – This family has a recognition of belonging to organized crime which allowed him to be accredited as capable of influencing the political and social situation “.

Three carabinieri, two of whom at the time of the events in service at the barracks of Bra and one at the barracks of Villa San Giovanni, are accused, in various capacities, of personal aiding and disclosure of office secrets aggravated by the mafia facilitation. Two officers of the penitentiary police of the Saluzzo prison, where Salvatore Luppino was imprisoned, are accused of procuring some prohibited goods for him.

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