NBA, tomorrow the approval of the plan for the restart to 22 teams


Tomorrow will be the big day for the restart of the NBA season: the Board of Governors will approve, according to what reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN and Shams Charania of The Athletic, the league plan for the restart of the season in Orlando with 22 teams.

The first matches will be on July 31st, with the eventual Race 7 of the Final scheduled for October 12th according to ESPN. Five teams from the Western Conference (New Orleans, Portland, Phoenix, Sacramento and San Antonio) and one from the Eastern Conference, the Washington Wizards, will join the 16 teams currently in the playoff area.

All 22 teams will play 8 regular season games, which will count towards the final seeding in a playoff key. There is the possibility of a play-in tournament for the eighth place playoff, if the difference in the two conferences between eighth and ninth is less than 4 games: currently, in the East, Orlando has 5.5 games ahead of Washington; to the west, however, Memphis has 3.5 over New Orleans, Portland and Sacramento.

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