NATO, Stoltenberg: “Glad that the US will consult its allies on their military presence in Europe”


Brussels, 26 Jun 11:51 – (Nova Agency) – NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomes the fact that the United States of America is consulting with its allies on the US military presence in Europe. Stoltenberg said this before his meeting with US defense secretary Mark Esper. “We have many problems to discuss. Our preparations for tackling a possible second wave of Covid 19 are underway. With an operational plan, a supply of medical equipment and additional funding,” explained Stoltenberg. “Through the Alliance, our armed forces have supported civilian efforts day and night. Our countries need to continue investing to keep them strong and ensure that this health crisis does not turn into a security crisis,” he added. Stoltenberg reiterated that “the security challenges” with the pandemic “have not gone away”.
The Secretary General stressed that NATO is working “together for a balanced response to Russia’s new missiles, which are dangerous and destabilizing” and on this “we welcome talks between the United States and Russia on arms control,” he said. Stoltenberg. “And we agree that as a growing global power, it is time for China to take part in global arms control,” he said. At last week’s ministerial defense meeting, Stoltenberg recalled, “we also discussed the military presence of the United States in Europe, particularly in light of the American plan to reduce its presence in Germany” and on this aspect “I am pleased that the United States is consulting with allies, “clarifying” that the United States’ commitment to European security remains strong “.

The Secretary General went on to explain that in recent years the United States has increased its military presence in Europe, directing the NATO tactical group in Poland, with its presence in Romania and Norway and with destroyers capable of defending ballistic missiles in Spain. “The American military presence in Europe is important for Europe and it is also important for North America. Because only by working together can we face the great challenges we face,” he added. Concerning Afghanistan, Stoltenberg explained that NATO “will continue to adapt our presence in support of the peace process. This will be done in close coordination with allies and partners,” he concluded

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