NASA: the return to the moon explained with an animated short


NASA has always understood the importance of involving the public in their own affairs. After all, the huge funds that a space program requires depend on US citizens. The space agency then published a nice one animated short film in which he explains the highlights of the program Artemis, which provides for the return of man to the moon.

NASA has answered the question “what will man’s return to the moon be like” with an animated short film, simple but full of information

The latest events in the field of space exploration have rekindled the interest of the public, as well as the many questions that accompany such apparently complex themes. Thanks to the interest that the launch of the Crew Dragon capsule has generated in recent days, many have asked legitimate questions.

“Over 50 years ago we went to the moon. Why has no man ever set foot on our satellite since 1972? How can we go back? When can we go back? “

The answer, at least on the “how”, can be found in this short video. The narrative voice is of the actress Kelly Marie Tran, the (not so loved) Rose of the last two chapters of Star Wars.

Interesting comparisons are made with the Apollo program, and on the differences in how NASA intends not only to achieve the return of man to the Moon, but to allow human structures to permanently settle on the lunar surface. All this, clearly, in anticipation of a future visit to our neighbor in the solar system, Mars.

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