NASA names headquarters in black mathematics. Tourist will walk in orbit


Mathematics Mary Winston Jackson at NASA in 1985

Mathematics Mary Winston Jackson at NASA in 1985 – Ansa

NASA will name its headquarters in Washington D.C. to Mary W. Jackson, African American mathematician and engineer who con his calculations helped launch space travel and missions Apollo. Jackson died in 2005 and her story is told in the 2016 book “The right to count”, while the film of the same name focuses precisely on her figure.
“Mary W. Jackson was a member of a group of very important women who helped NASA to successfully bring American astronauts into space,” said number one of the space agency Jim Bridenstine. Symbolically the venue is also located on ‘Hidden Figures Way’ (literally “hidden figures” and original title of the film, Hidden Figures). “No longer hidden – continues Bridenstine – we will continue to recognize the contribution of women, African Americans and all the people who have made the history of NASA exploration a success story“.
Meanwhile, the Russian space company Energia and the American Space Adventures have signed a contract for the travel of two tourists to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2023. It will be a “short-term expedition” aboard the spacecraft. Soyuz MS towards the Russian segment of the International Space Station, explained Energia quoted by the Interfax agency. One of the two tourists can also take a space walk with a professional astronaut.

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