NASA is working to create a permanent presence on the moon


Review of the week from 8 to 15 June.

NASA has announced that it is hiring a private company to send a golf cart rover to the Moon’s surface in 2023 which would wander the lunar south pole in search of water. The move comes as the space agency is stepping up its efforts to bring back to the lunar surface by 2024. The landing of NASA’s Rover Viper would aim to help the space agency decide which regions should explore the astronauts and how much water to support life is below the lunar surface.

NASA has awarded the nearly $ 200 million contract to Astrobotic, a Pitsburg-based company. Unlike the Apollo mission, in which the astronauts visited the Moon and then returned home, this time NASA, as reported by the Washington Post, is working to create a permanent presence under a program called Artemide.

For years it was believed that the Moon was dry, but a decade ago NASA discovered the existence of water in the form of ice, especially in permanently shaded craters in the south pole of the Moon. Water is not only important for life as a liquid, but when it is broken down into its components, hydrogen and oxygen, it can be used as air for breathing. These elements could be used as missile fuel, allowing exploration in space and on Mars for the most hopeful.

Eight mass graves with more than two hundred corpses have been discovered in Libya

Specifically in Tarhuna, the last stronghold in Libya, Libyan official Lutfi Teufik Hisrati, who investigates missing persons, described to the Turkish agency that the corpses found are only part of the crisis that has been discovered.

In a single week the mass graves found on which the MISSION TO SUPPORT THE UNITED NATIONS in Libya (UNSMIL) expresses its “horror” and calls on the basis of international law that “the authorities conclude the swift, effective and transparent investigations into all alleged cases of illegal deaths”. More than 200 corpses have been thrown and UNSMIL is asking for clarity.

After 34 years, the investigation into the assassination of Minister Olof Plame is definitively closed

Prosecutor Krister Petersson announced on June 10 the closure of the investigation into the assassination of Social Democratic Prime Minister Olof Palme on February 28, 1986. Palme and his wife were strolling unescorted in central Stockholm after watching a movie. . Palme had sided against Aparthaid and for decades it was thought that South African agents had killed him.

But as in many thrillers, the ending has been disappointing. Prosecutor Kristen Petersson concluded that Palme was killed by center-right graphic designer and activist Sting Engstrom. After the murder, Sting had presented himself to the police as a witness, but his statements over time have often changed and investigators have determined that he is the murderer. Sting cannot be persecuted because he committed suicide in 2000.

In aviation you fly with electricity only

On June 10, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) announced that it had authorized an exclusively electric aircraft to fly for the first time on the Slovenian company Pipisterel Aircraft. The two-seater aircraft, called Velis electro, will be used mainly for pilot training.

The Hinkley nuclear power plant in England frightened everyone by releasing a cloud of dust

The Hinkley nuclear power plant in England has released a cloud of dust. Construction of Polo C at the Hinkley nuclear power plant also continued during the lockdown phase. According to the project approved by the British government, the plant must be approved by 2025. One of the towers close to the concrete mixing plant has suffered a structural failure and a cloud of dust has risen to the sky.

Initially, someone claimed that the failure was the consequence of an explosion, but as reported by the British tabloid “Daily Star“Fortunately, there were no injuries and an investigation was opened in a few hours to understand what caused the collapse. They make it known, insuring for the collapse and the cloud, that inside the silo there was no radioactive material but only concrete.

In India a 50,000-year-old lake suddenly turns pink

In India, Lonar Lake in the state of Maharashtra suddenly turned pink after 50,000 years and experts believe that the change is due to the increase in the salinity of the water. With the presence of algae Gajanan Kharat, a local geologist, said with a video on Maharasthra tourism’s Twitter “this year it seems particularly red because the salinity of the water has increased. The amount of water in the lake has shrunk and the lake has become more shallow, so salinity has increased causing internal changes. ”

Kharat said that some scholars are studying the presence of red algae as the trigger for the change. The lake 500 km from Mumbai was formed after a meteor hit the earth some 50,000 years ago, as reported by CNN. A popular tourist attraction studied by scientists from all over the world.

Europe opens its borders except Britain which requires quarantine

Europe opens its borders with French, Germans and Italians without quarantine, while for the United Kingdom things seem to be very different and British holidaymakers risk being trapped in isolation. Boris Johnson’s government has crumbled the holiday plans of millions of people by insisting on a two-week quarantine on returning to the UK.

The Germans, the French, the Italians will be admitted to dozens of countries starting next week, which cannot be supported by the British government. The analysis conducted by Mail Online guarantees that British tourists will find themselves far behind European countries to visit from next week, but will still have to respect 14 days of quarantine on their return, unless they are part of a limited list of mainly professional exceptions.

For the devastating effects on the economy, the three giants of British aviation: Easy Jet, British Airways and Rayanair have sued the government. In a joint note they explain that quarantine will have a devastating effect on British tourism and destroy thousands of jobs. In order to recover, the air transport sector has planned a gradual resumption of flights with the start of summer, but plans have jumped because of the quarantine. The 14-day isolation obligation applies to all travelers arriving by land, sea and air, regardless of whether they are UK residents or not.

The strength of Mother Nature

Nature amazes us once again giving us a magical and unexpected vision. In Australia, precisely on Raine Island, 64,000 sea turtles have been spotted marching to lay their eggs. The large colony of turtles was taken up by local researchers with the aid of a drone.

An evocative show, testifies to the strength, beauty and courage of these splendid creatures, all framed by the crystal clear seabed. The journey from Raine Island, the northern island of the Great Barrier Reef to northern Queensland, would be the most critical moment for these turtles which risk becoming a succulent prey for other animals and humans.

The Rookery, the name of this marine species, were located along the reef and there were about 18,000 of them, but in the movie about 60,000 were sighted and counted, a number never expected and far greater. The researchers decided to film the incredible shift for study purposes, precisely because these animals are part of an endangered species. Very often the females choose the same beach as their mother to lay their eggs, this would explain why Raine Island is considered the homeland of green turtles.

Zohra, an 8-year-old Pakistani little maid, killed for freeing two parrots

When the absurd becomes customary and crosses the borders of Pakistan by traveling around the world through social media.

Yet another sad story starring an 8-year-old girl, Zohra Shan, employed as a waitress who after being beaten and tortured by her employers lost her life definitively. The cause of the injuries reported on the face, hands, rib cage and legs (investigations are underway to ascertain sexual violence) are due, as one of the two employees confesses that he admitted together with his wife to have beaten the child , to the fact that Zohra sent two very expensive parrots out of the cage.

As the newspaper reports Dawn the two are now in jail on charges of murder. The death of the girl has shaken a lot of pain and the news has hit Pakistani public opinion, reigniting the debate on child exploitation. Human rights minister Shireen Mazari said the proposal for an amendment to recognize domestic work as “dangerous occupation”.

The use of children in factories and industries is illegal in Pakistan, but according to the head of the Society for Protection of the Rights of the Child, 12 million children work in the country. Many of them are driven by the extreme poverty of families, working in private homes and making it difficult for authorities to trace them. His parents were so poor that they could not afford to transport the body to the village, but the government will take care of these expenses.

Many on social networks shared the image of a girl with her eyes closed inside a cage surrounded by parrots, a gesture to remember and honor the memory of this little girl, the umpteenth life of ignorance, brutality, poverty and a society that has a duty to change and do justice.

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