Napoli, Politano: “I shouldn’t have silenced the Juventus bench”


NAPLES – “In those few days we had available we prepared the matches played so far at best. The gesture with the finger on the mouth made on the Juventus bench? These are things that should not be done. I then went to the players to apologize because it was not a nice gesture. But caught up in the adrenaline of the game, I reacted like this. But they are things that are not done” he has declared Matteo Politano to the microphones of Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli returning to the gesture made on the occasion of penalties in the Italian Cup final against the Juve. The footballer of the Naples he then lingered on Rino Gattuso, explaining: “He is a great driver, he tries to get the most out of everyone. People say we make a bolt because we are organized defensively, but we also do the offensive phase. In the non-possession phase we try to stay short and give as little as possible, but when we have the ball we know what to do. Gattuso is one who works a lot on both phases. We are a compact team, like Inter and Juve. Against strong teams you have to defend yourself tight“.

Politano, the words on the 5 changes and on the fourth place

Politano then commented on the news of the five changes in Serie A: “Is it a solution that I would keep even after this season? Absolutely yes. The opportunity to make 5 changes is good because around 60-70 ‘, especially in this period, we are in trouble. It could therefore be an advantage for everyone “. Then, on the fourth place in the standings: “Atalanta walks fast, but we think of ourselves, to make as many points as possible. If the classification says that we have reached the Champions League, it will mean that we will have reached a great goal“.

Politano on Spal, Barcelona and fans

“It will be a difficult race, especially for the heat. On Sunday we will play at 19:30, the heat will be an obstacle. But we are concentrated, charged and we will try to make a great game“said the Napoli forward on his next league match against Spal. Finally, on the challenge of Champions against Barcelona and the lack of fans at the stadium: “Barcelona? By playing every three days you waste a lot of energy, you will have to see how we get there. We certainly think about it, we are loaded, but head to the championship first. In Naples I got used to it very well. Now I’m starting to go out a little more, to get to know the city and the people. I am very happy with this transfer. Do we miss the fans? Yes, we can’t wait to embrace our people again. By playing behind closed doors we are enjoying the games less, doing it with the fans has a completely different effect“.


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