Napoli-Juve, Sylvestre misses the anthem of Mameli


During the performance before the start whistle of Napoli-Juve the singer-songwriter born in Los Angeles misspelled the words and on social media the irony starts

A little emotion, of course, but the Internet does not forgive. And the social pillory is inevitable. Sergio Sylvestre, 30 years old in December, is a songwriter who rose to the headlines a few years ago for winning Friends by Maria De Filippi. Today at the Olimpico it was his honor and the burden of intoning the Italian anthem before the Cup final between Naples and Juve.

ups and downs

In the deafening silence of a practically empty Roman Olympian. Under the eyes of the c.t. blue Roberto Mancini and the president of the FIGC Gabriele Gravina, after the first verse went great, however, for a couple of times the good giant (almost 2 meters and 10 centimeters high) born in Los Angeles in the 90s stumbled , lost a beat, recovered not without difficulty and then finished well and with his left fist closed and raised, probably in homage to the protests of African Americans (and not only) after the death of George Floyd in the USA. But now the damage was done and on Twitter and the other social networks the sneers have started for the sublime performance. From the melancholic “How can the hymn be wrong? How sad”, to the ironic “I don’t know if it is Sylvestre who forgets the hymn or this terrible virtual fan with the flyers that move”. Others still willingly avoid bringing them back, but there are also many – including fans of the singer-songwriter and simple spectators – to defend Sylvestre: “He’s not Italian, what do you expect?”. Well…

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