Napoli-Inter, from Turin: “Someone tries to be smart. We have a suspect”


The editorial staff of takes a position on Inter’s request to anticipate the match of the Italian Cup with Napoli.

Massimo Pavan, journalist, in his editorial on, highlights Inter’s attempt to anticipate the day of the Italian Cup semifinal which Juventus and Milan have not seen willingly: “The Italian cup will be played on 12 and 13 June with the final on 17, the confirmation comes from Minister Spadafora:” The resumption of football with the Italian Cup, as desired, will take place: the two semifinals were also anticipated to have then a busy calendar next. The first will be on the 12th, then the second on the 13th and the final on the 17th. In short, in a week we will finally be talking about formations, tactics and how to get to the match with Milan, in the meantime, as always happens, someone tries to be smart. Who are we referring to? Obviously to those who asked for the reversal of the series of matches between Juventus-Milan and Napoli v Inter, frankly, we wonder why Juventus should grant such a thing, when the regulation provides for the alternation of matches. It would be foolish to grant a change, above all going through a complicated calendar situation “.

It also adds: “At most, if you wanted to do a favor to Inter is Naples, one game should be played at 7.30pm and once at 9.30pm, this is the maximum possible concession, but the request was not made to Juventus, but to Rai, which would have hardly agreed to lose a great early evening listening. We understand, however, very well from whom this request and this clever attempt to change the cards on the table arrives, someone evidently put pressure on someone else to make this rather bizarre and very difficult request. It would be foolish to accept such a change, also because it would create a dangerous precedent. Someone tried to be clever, let’s imagine who it could be … “.

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