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It was to be the hit of the summer, that player who inflamed San Paolo with his accelerations. Instead the season of Hirving Lozano it was just a reflection of that of Naples until the end of 2019. Ancelotti he strongly wanted the Mexican, without getting the desired results.BOOM DEPARTURE Lozano had an incredible impact with Napoli. The debut at the Allianz Stadium, making the entrance in place of Insigne against the Juventus. Good ideas and above all the goal that brought Napoli back to life. It seemed to be the beginning of a new cycle, with “El Chucky” at the center of the blue project.

THE DOWNHILL – But it was a moment, because the involution was clear. More and more subdued performances, many technical errors, little character on the pitch and the ever greater doubt that the highest paid player of the Era De Laurentiis it wasn’t worth all that money. After that goal to Juventus only two more arrived, against the Milan in full crisis in San Siro and against Salzburg away.

Gattuso – The arrival of Gattuso it made him slide to the bottom of the hierarchies. The current blue coach was clear from the start: “Lozano has potential, but I want him to run twice as much.” This step forward has never happened, so much so that in twelve games (between the league and the Champions League), Gattuso he granted it in total 60 minutes. The “quarrel” between the two broke out too, with the Calabrian technician who before the Coppa Italia final kicked the Mexican out of training for lack of concentration.THE RETURN – Gattuso, however, has once again proved to be a man of speech, capable of turning the page, just as he himself declared. So here is a new opportunity for Lozano: at 84 ‘he entered the field against Verona taking over from Politano. The very first opportunity took advantage of it, he finally regained the goal by freeing all his anger and joy in that exultation at 90 ‘. The goals could easily be two, thanks to the magic of Insigne, but face to face with Silvestri he lacked the necessary coldness.

THE FUTUREThis goal is basically only for the player. The assessment does not change neither from an economic point of view nor for Gattuso’s hierarchies. A new spirit could be seen, a new character of a footballer that for having been paid almost 50 million there will be a reason. In the meantime the Corriere del Mezzogiorno reveals that Lozano asked for the transfer. The spark between him and Napoli has never started, between him and the Neapolitans. The Mexican himself would have asked the agent, Mino Raiola, to look for a new team for next year. It won’t be easy at all, because the player’s rating has inevitably dropped. De Laurentiis is already in danger of getting lost with Milik and it would not take this double “defeat”. Thus the hypothesis was born loan, unless the right offer arrives with Gattuso who would give his blessing for the assignment.

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