“Naples? Forget it.” Ancelotti returns to Italia 90: “San Paolo and Maradona? It wasn’t the Olimpico”


Carlo Ancelotti today celebrates 61 years and has preferred to gliss on the experience in Naples. Instead, he mentioned the world championship “Italia 90”.

Carlo Ancelotti today celebrates 61 springs. Best wishes to him. And he toasted his birthday by cutting his salary, as well as theEverton. The reason is simple: to guarantee the Liverpool club to better face the financial crisis caused by the coronavirus and pay the salaries to its employees. The players and Ancelotti, on average, gave up 30% of their salary, someone cut it by 50%. For information, Ancelotti signed a contract with Everton until 2024, for a total of 58 million euros.

Ancelotti spoke to Radio Radio microphones, returning to his experience in Naples: “It would take a long time to explain the experience on the Napoli bench. Better than forget it. “ Two words, then, on San Paolo in the times of Italy in the 90s: “Unfortunately we have lost the heat of the Olimpico. At San Paolo, unfortunately, we found ourselves against the idol of the stadium which of course is Diego Armando Maradona. The climate and atmosphere that was at the Olimpico has changed a bit. “

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