Naples, carousels, fires after the triumph. And Maksimovic sings with the fans


Too many people waiting for the team in front of the station, the players for security reasons go down to the Afragola high-speed station at 4 in the morning: hundreds waiting for them and Maksimovic joins the choirs

Hijacked for excess of enthusiasm. This happened to Naples in the middle of the night, returning by train from Rome. At one Piazza Garibaldi, in front of the central station, there was a bedlam in which social distancing and anti-Covid precautions are only a distant memory. So at that point, for reasons of public order and also for the safety of the team, it was decided to bring the group down to the high-speed station in Afragola, just before Naples. A fair number of taxis were diverted there to allow the whole group, players, staff and managers, to be able to return to their homes.

Maksimovic hugs you

It’s 4 in the morning when the team lands in Afragola and in any case hundreds of fans have also reached that station. Great parties with happy players but also eager to go to rest. However, there are those who, like Nikola Maksimovic, want to enjoy this moment to the full. He had been knocked out by Sarri in his first part of the blue experience, Wednesday with a sumptuous test and the third penalty scored, as if to break the door, has taken up his Neapolitan history. When the fans surround his taxi, he does not “run away” but immerses himself in the joy of a people, singing at the top of his voice “O’ surdato Nnammurato “.

The city does not sleep

Meanwhile, from the historic center to the Lungomare, from Vomero to Posillipo, there is a carousel of cars and motorcycles flying in the wind and there is no shortage of fireworks. The problems are many in Naples after the pandemic, football in this case is not opium for the people but a stimulus for the restart. Rino Gattuso teaches him, the new Commander who will never betray the spirit of these people even if he trains elsewhere.

WHO: “unfortunate fans”

The exultation of the Napoli fans in the streets of the Campania capital last night after the conquest of the Italian Cup was not liked by the deputy director of the World Health Organization, Ranieri Guerra, interviewed by the Agorà broadcast on Rai 3. “Wretched! At this moment we cannot afford it, fortunately it happened in Naples, where governor and mayor have implemented strict measures and the incidence of the virus is lower than elsewhere. It hurts to see these images. I remember how much the Atalanta game counted at the beginning of the epidemic in Lombardy in the spread of the infections. I would not like it to be repeated just now, that the Scientific Technical Committee has tried to accept the proposals of the FIGC in order not to limit the game of football entirely, as science and medical conscience would suggest ”.

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