Mute swan dies of a broken heart They had destroyed the stone eggs


In the end, she couldn’t handle the pain and mother swan died of a broken heart. So, in the worst way, the tragic story that started a few days ago and that moved the people of the web ends. It all started when, on May 20 last, along the Kearsley canal, a town just outside the town of Manchester, children were spotted throwing stones in the direction of one of the banks. A fact that initially, according to local news, had been taken for a game and that instead, would have turned out to be something else. In fact, those stones and bricks were not addressed to the water but to a couple of swans and their nest full of eggs. The authorities were immediately alerted and with the group of teenagers far away, nothing had been done but to ascertain the irreparable damage caused by those irresponsible launches. Almost all the eggs, now close to hatching, had been destroyed. But there is more, the life partner of mother swan, terrified, had fled leaving the female alone and that nest destroyed, as illustrated by the images released by the naturalist Michael James Mason that we publish. In spite of everything, that inconsolable mother had continued to take care of the three remaining eggs from which, after a few weeks, only a chick would have been born. Then, the beginning of the end. “I write this post, Michael James Mason himself commented, in a moment of infinite sadness. I had tried to keep you updated on the story of the swan that had seen its eggs destroyed. Unfortunately, I learned this morning that it was found dead.” And then, “I wanted to cry because I had monitored her for 12 weeks”. So, without her partner or the nest anymore, mother swan died alone. All the fault of a game. A cruel game that can kill.


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